Workout notes on screen?

I’m new to Trainer Day and it’s a great time-efficient training system, very impressed with it and have signed up after doing a pair the demo workouts. I’d expect this has been requested already but are there any plans or is it possible to have workout notes appear on screen in Trainer Day? I’m thinking in particular of high/low cadence drills and pedaling drills, like what you see in SF and Z, Thanks Eamonn

Hello Eamon, it’s great to have you. Yes we have “Interval Comments” now but the thing is all our workouts are user contributed and so users would need to add comments for them to appear.

That said Coach Jack workouts are our workouts (well and some others we have created) but our plans are to add interval comments to Coach Jack workouts. With Coach Jack right now we also do have cadence targets on two of our Sequences SFR and Dynamic Force.

So our workout editor supports creating both interval comments as well as cadence targets but I realize you are asking for pre-made workouts.

You can search and try to find workouts with interval comments but right now most it is just personal notes not something for public use

Anyway so the answer is yes more coming in the future and yes it is possible now if you search hard enough or create your own.