Workout time longer than registered

Yesterday I started a 90 minutes workout “Sweet Spot A #4” on my iPad mini 2 at 2:19 pm. It finished at 3:53 pm in stead of 3:49. I registered the exact start and stop time because I had the impression that other workouts also were a few minutes longer. No big deal, but I am curious what can be the cause.

The problem is my iPad mini 2. With an iPad Pro time is correct

The ipad Mini 2 (same like mine… circa 2012 i think) is really getting very very slow.
I doubt it has enough resources to run the TD app.

Alex keeps saying that the TD app is quite resource intensive.

Just use the ipad Pro is it possbible?

I’ve had this too this week on an ipad. I started to think time was slowing down. I’ve actually recorded 9 seconds of workout as a video clip that is 24 seconds long. Good job it was the cool down!
Pausing and unpausing actually fixed the issue.
Although it happened again yesterday, I just paused and un-paused 2 or 3 times throughout the workout to keep the time correct. Not ideal, was planning on using my phone not the ipad for my next session.