Workouts not syncing with Garmin

I’m having problems with Garmin syncing. I’ve already connected my garmin account, I’ve been able to send the first workout, but after that I cannot send any other workout. I tried to disconnect and connect it again but it doesn’t work. If I click on “send to” then it get stuck on “sending” and I don’t see it anywhere on my garmin profile.

Basically I’d like to send my workouts through garmin connect in order to get the exact power on my Edge instead of a power range. If it’s possible to get the same result by downloading them it’s fine to me. Usually I download the workouts and convert them into .fit files through, but I always get the range version of my worktous and I don’t like that. It would be convenient to me if I could download .fit files and choose if use the exact power or a range.

Could you help me please?

Could you share the link to a workout you’re trying to send?

Hello Jeremy, it was my fault most likely. I tried to connect again my garmin account sharing every type of data between garmin and tday and now it’s working.
Previously I did enable only sharing data from trday to garmin.


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Yes every time I think it is a workout problem and frequently it is a user not checking all the checkboxes during authorization. Thanks for update.