Wrong watts and time (old version of the app)

i am using android but i think the behavior is the same on the iphone. i have a few workout i created under a category. when i click ride now, it always has the wrong watts. i have to click finish, discard, go back to library and re select the ride. for example i know that my workout starts at 75 watts. the first time it shows 60 watts and i think also the time length is wrong. is it me doing something wrong ?

Could you send a screenshot of what the initial workout looks like? I have a feeling it is something to do with the predefined “warm-up” ride.

If you’re not planning on getting back on the bike, you should be able to run it in “test mode” while away from your trainer. Just open the app like you usually would and instead of pressing “Start”, there should be a test option

Here you go. First one, i discard it, then go back and it’s good. that is not a new behavior. that has been happening since i have been using the app
looks like i can only embed one image at a


You have a very old version of our app. You should upgrade to the latest :slight_smile: I think this is like Jeremy pointed out that it is still has the previous workout merged with the new workout. The latest version of our app makes it more clear how this works.

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indeed. i was a beta tester and i guess the program stopped updating. i left the beta testing group and downloaded the public version. i am going to check it out this morning. thanks

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