Your FTP improvements - results

Would be nice to hear what results people have gotten & with which training plans.


I didn’t use any particular plan but I can share more/less what I did and what improvements I’ve made.

Tu/Th/Fri would be my Z1/Z2 days - I’d either ride them on the trainer set on ERG mode or I would ride it on my local MTB trail near my house. Granted, there are some hills that would put me into Z4/Z5 for short bursts but the majority of the 1-2hr rides were all at the Z2 intensity

Wed would be my fast bunch ride or intervals - with the fast bunch, I’d typically see my power spike to Z5 on each hill climb. For intervals, I’d do 120% FTP for 3 mins and do 5 sets with 3 mins of Z2 in between.

Sat are my long rides - anywhere from 2-4 hours at a Z1 to Z2 intensity. Mostly getting saddlle time.

Sun/Mon are my rest days or sometimes I’d throw in some Z1 outside if the weather was particularly nice.

I’ve been doing this over the past 6 months and went from ~225 ftp to 300. The biggest thing that helped for me was more volume. I’d also say that staying away from sweet spot and doing more low intensity and suprathreshold helped too. Moving forward (goal is 350+) I think doing two intervals per week would be helpful as well as increasing the duration of time spent at 120% FTP - whether that is an additional rep or going from 3 to 4 mins at the specified intensity.

Best of luck!