A couple of Coach Jack improvements coming (mid/late September)

So one thing it seems no one reported is that Coach Jack is too hard. A few people mentioned it is too easy for them. I realize very few people would be willing to say “this is too hard” when in theory it shouldn’t be. But I have a friend and person on the team that luckily pointed this out. :slight_smile:

I thought impossible at first but then I realized why after longer discussion. He rides 6 hour rides religiously. This is a lot of time at probably 50-70% of FTP. So for him if CJ’s primary work might be fine, the secondary work in long indoor rides at 65-75% is outside his comfort zone. Indoors can feel much harder than outside for many and he is so used to his standard intensity level that increasing that by 5% can feel like a 10-15% increase indoors.

So we are going to have Coach Jack better analyze a persons normal intensity levels and design to better handle this case. I am not sure how many people feel this secondary work is too hard but this should be an improvement for some riders, not so much for the racers of the group.

Secondly we did add 2/1 recovery pattern already to allow some people more recovery weeks.

Thirdly for people that can’t or don’t want to get outside for their long rides, they will not get these super long rides. We will split it into multiple shorter rides.

I am sure some people will see the benefits this for this winter season.


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These improvements sound great, especially the ability to split longer rides into multiple shorter rides if the weather makes longer outdoor riding less appealing. Will this ability to split a long ride be available once within a plan, or is it something which will need to be set up while creating the CJ plan?

That is an excellent question and idea :slight_smile: I will need to think about that. It would be nice to hope for outdoor but if that does not workout then split it. Or split by default and merge depending on user preference. Keeping this all simple and obvious is the hard part.

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