Android APP, v1.6.11 is stretching time

As I have mentioned in an other thread, the new (1.6.11 version as of Dec.16.2020) did stretch my today workout by the factor of 1.33. I logged this workout with the TP APP and in addition with my SRM head unit.
After comparing the logfiles of both units it looks like :

The workout starts at the same absolute time (09:15 UTC),
The log interval is 1s on both logs.

But the end of workout differs:
TD ends at time 11:25UTC, that is a duration of 130 minutes.
The SRM log gives the end of the workout at time 12:07 UTC, a duration of 172 minutes.

The watch on the android device ,and all other watches do agee with the SRM log!

So it looks like the TP APP ist taking the correct timestamp at the beginning of the workout and starts drifting away constantly from that point on.

This are the two log files loaded into TP.

I had a similar issue. Trainerday made a 95-minute workout out of a planned 90-minute workout. This only happened once. Two other workouts were fine. By the way, the new powermatch is really great.

Thanks guys, yes we will figure this out and fix it after the holidays

Appreciate this is being worked on but just a heads up I’m having the same issue on Android. Otherwise really like the app.

Just in-case it helps:
Phone: Samsung A5
Power meter: Favereo Assioma Uno
Trainer: Wahoo Kickr core

I noticed the problem on the weekend when doing a 90min ride and just noticed it today doing another 90min ride. The clock seemed to slow more as time went on and I gave up after 2hrs of elapsed time. I did have to stop a couple times during it (for about 30sec) and the app was minimised once or twice. Let me know if there are any details I can provide to help.


We have been able to duplicate it to some degree and we believe we have a fix we are testing now. Thanks for your details. I will post here when the beta version is available if you want to test it, and if it is working correctly the fix should be in place next week.

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@Alex @jgraham0325
Hi, I don’t know if this is related to the same issue, but I noticed that my time slows down when I exit the app (and leave it running in the background). I set a stopwatch on my iPad and used my [Android] phone to continue running TrainerDay. There was not any slowing at all.

Then, I closed the app for about 1.5 minutes, and when I came back into the app, the stopwatch and actual timer were now off (will try and get the exact time but it was about 30secs) with the TrainerDay timer being much slower.

I have noticed this before, but I didn’t recognize what it was. I would do some rides where I started at 6am and rode until 7 without getting off or stopping, but my ride time showed on TrainerDay as 50minutes. I thought maybe I just started later than I thought, but it has happened many times. Finally figured where it was coming from (for me, at least).

Is this related to the same time issue in this request? And, @jgraham0325 , did you ever exit the app and use it in the background while you had your time slow down (or, did it just happen inside the app?)

Thanks Jeremy, yes actually I think this is related somehow. My developer thinks he has it fixed but we are still testing it.

Nice! I’ll look forward to checking it out on Beta when it’s ready there


At this moment what is the latest version, beta or non-beta

I realized I need to get better at this. Right now Beta is 1.7.3 and production is 1.7.4. I will make sure and always deploy everything to beta at the same time or before production. The differences are very minor and you probably won’t notice them. I will add a forum post now of release notes.

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Actually I looked maybe 1.7.3 is the same as 1.7.4, I am not sure the difference. New one is coming soon. Next day or two.

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We have this issue resolved. We finally found out how to fix it. New build is coming to beta today and to production in the next few days.

Hi Alex, I am also experiencing a similar problem - also on Android and Kickr Core. What I have noticed is that the time on the app is synchronised to the Garmin until about 25min, and then it starts ‘losing’ time such that a 60min workout is stretched to 68 or sometimes 75 min. In my case I didn’t pause the workout. I can upload the app and garmin files for comparison if required.



I use:
Garmin Fénix 5X connected to Wahoo Kickr Core Ant+
Huawei Media Pad T5 connected to Wahoo Kickr Core BLE
I run both configurations in the same time.
And until now I don´t have any problems with stretching time, if run without press “NEXT” because if I press this the stretching problem start.

Ok we have new version we are pushing to production today. It has fixed this stretching issue. It still not perfect in that coming from the background you might see time speed up for a second but the over all time should be perfect now.

Awesome! :ok_hand:t4:

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I’m afraid the latest version still seems to be stretching time for me on workouts over an hour. I’m on 1.8.2 android.

My 75min workout yesterday ended up taking about 95min. I kept the app continuously in the foreground this time.

Oh so sad to hear that. What Andoid device to you have? It’s possible with an older device it could cause more issues. Our newer version that is coming out 1.8.5 or something improves performance and may help resolve these issues. Also what devices are you conneting?

Yep, I can attest to that, Alex. I also tried the latest version over the weekend, and it again stretched the time. I had 4 x 10 min tempo intervals: the first interval was OK, the second was stretched by 4 min, and the third by 9 min. I’ve already mentioned in an earlier post that the stretching seems to start after about 25 min into the workout. I am using a Nokia mobile phone, Kickr Core trainer, Garmin HRM strap, and a 4iii power meter.

My phone is over 3 years old so that definitely might have something to do with it. It was a mid-range device so I haven’t really had any other performance problems with it (Octa-core 1.9 GHz with 3GB ram).

Phone: Samsung A5 (2017)
Power meter: Favereo Assioma Uno (via bluetooth)
Trainer: Wahoo Kickr core (via bluetooth)

I doubt it has anything to do with it but my app is running with:

  • 3 sec power smoothing
  • power match on
  • auto pause on
  • double sided power on

Fingers crossed the performance improvements in 1.8.5 do the trick :slight_smile: