App Expectations

Cyclopaat told me he was taking forum break for a while… :slight_smile: both intervals and ours. David is great. They have a good forum too on intervals icu.

I have no doubt that David is great but I can’t post on the forum because I can’t activate my account :unamused:
I was succesfull in reaching him by e-mail and Facebook. Should be sorted out soon.

Oh right :slight_smile: He is just swtiching to this Garmin system so he probably has bugs in his login/authentication now.

I agree with this sentiment. I do the same, ie record the ride on my Garmin which then syncs to just about everything. I’d have thought that anyone who is into cycling enough to invest in a smart trainer would also have a bike computer for their outdoor riding. Stability and flexibility within the app should be the main thing but the app has already achieved that (at least for my use case scenario) then us humans always want more!

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