App getting progressively slower during workout

The probably say if trainer=“Elite” send update 8 seconds early :slight_smile: Or they self adjust. To when the power is sent and how long it takes to respond. That would be cool.

Good post. Wow. This makes me feel a little better. But it would be nice to see if there is anything we could do.

I’m afraid this issue isn’t just occurring on the Elite Diretto…

I’ve experienced exactly this issue - the TrainerDay workouts running slower than realtime - when using my Wahoo Kickr.

To give you a few more details in case this helps…

  • My turbo trainer is a Wahoo Kickr v5 - software up to date.
  • I’m using the TrainerDay app on my iPad to run workouts created in Coach Jack and synced via the calendar - lovely functionality incidentally!
  • On occasions, during my long ride workouts - 150min long workouts - the clock in the TrainerDay software definitely starts to run slow.
    (And yes, I know that it’s not recommended to do workouts that long on a turbo trainer, but I do get off for a minute or two half way through, stretch and haven’t had any physical issues with these over the last year or so :slightly_smiling_face:)
  • I know that the clock is definitely running slow in the TrainerDay workout, as I know always run a countdown timer on my iPhone, so can see immediately when the two start diverging - i.e. TrainerDay and my iPhone timer both start off with 150 mins left to go in the workout. Then I can spot when the two start diverging.
  • When it does occur - the TrainerDay software running slow I mean, it seems to occur when I’m at least 1/2 way through the workout i.e. at least 75 minutes or so in.
  • I’ve read other posts here in the forums that say that it can be background updates going on, so I now clear down my iPad apps before starting a long workout, so the only updates going on should be system level things on the iPad - at least I’d hope that’d be the case!
  • Interestingly, the last time this occurred, two weeks ago I think, I tried a fix that - I think - was suggested in a prior post. The fix being…
  • I left the TrainerDay app running but briefly put it into the background i.e. on my iPad I hit the home button twice.
  • When I brought the TrainerDay app back into the foreground I saw the countdown timer in the app immediately jump from the slower than realtime time that it was recording - something like 1 hour and 17 mins to go I think - to 1 hour 15 mins to go - bringing it back precisely inline with the timer on my iPhone.

I’ve not brought this issue up before as for me it’s not really a problem when it occurs. My long workout running slower than usual is fine - it just means I’ve put in a slightly longer workout than I’d intended but the TSS incurred is so minimally different that it’s not a problem.

But given that I know how serious TrainerDay is about tackling bugs and issues, then I hope that some of the above is helpful in trying to get to the bottom of whatever’s going on.

And, of course, very happy to provide copies of workouts etc. If that is of interest.

But I have to say that I’ve been using the system for a couple of years now and remain a very, very happy user of TrainerDay, Coach Jack etc.!

Wow. Thank you!!! :slight_smile: Can you tell me more about what your iPad is? year/model? Definitly when it goes in the background, our app gets less processing power so that causes it to happen not in real time and the way we fix it is that we speed up the app. It’s primarily a function of device performance (available memory and speed) and length of workout. In the case of Elite, I think something that compounds the issue is that it throws exceptions so we keep sending power updates which slows it down even more. Also depending on how many devices you have (HR, Powermeter and smart trainer) that means it records a lot more data.

Hi Alex,

Happy to help and wow in return for the rapid reply. OK, to your question:

  • iPad - 8th Generation - bought in 2021
  • Running iPadOS 16.3.1
  • Memory - 128GB of which 17.06GB free

When I’m running the TrainerDay app, my iPad’s only connected to our home WiFi (although shouldn’t be communicating with it in any way), and aside from the Wahoo Kickr, the only other item that’s connected at the time is my Polar H10 heart rate monitor.

Interesting what you said about how the app works when in the background! That would make sense. When it runs slow, throw it into the background, and the app automatically speeds up, sorting out whatever’s causing the hiccup! Aaah isn’t technology / software wonderful!

Thanks, that should be plenty fast enough. We don’t have anybody on our team doing long workouts, so I think we need to just leave it running and see what what happens. :slight_smile:


For the record, I also have a polar H10! Maybe it is related to that?

All the best

I just started on trainerday - really like the interface, however I got the same slow down issue with my iPad and elite direto X trainer.

Are you anywhere near a fix for this issue?

By the end of this workout (which I had to end early as it was tougher than I was expecting… :rofl:) every second in the app was 2-3 seconds. I would definitely have been able to finish the workout without the timing issue… :rofl::rofl:

Sorry, can you tell me what phone / tablet you have? It seems mostly related to phone performance but occasionally fast devices have this as well.

Was it only during the ramp down, you saw this problem? Elite and ramps are not a good combination. We send changes in power every one second and some trainers protest. This gives me an idea on how to fix that specific issue though.

Thanks Alex, I actually noticed it during the middle of the workout and the ramp at the end, so no not specifically the ramp.

I was using an iPad mini 5th gen 16.3.1.

I’ll try on my Android phone next time (OnePlus NORD 2T)

Thanks, Andrew.

Yes, iPad mini’s seem a bit risky. I have an old one. I will test with that, I never did long second slow down tests with that. Part of the problem is we never can reproduce this and it takes so long to try to test it. Yes let me know how your phone does, seems likely that will solve the issue. Yes if it’s not related to ramps then it is less likely to be Elite specific. Although what happens is we send a target update and for some reason any device can throw an error that it could not change power. It happens all the time, just more often on Elite, so we send again, and if we send it a lot of times it starts slowing things down. So my point is it’s possible a combination of trainer exceptions and slower iPad. If we could handle the exceptions better it might help resolve the issue. We will still work on this. Some how it seems TrainerRoad is better at this but as someone posted they have problems with this as well (not slow downs but Elite not taking power changes which is likely related).

Thanks Alex, makes sense. I’ll try to report back next time I do a longer session in a week or so, also I’ll report back from shorter sessions.

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Just did a 60 minute workout with my phone app and it seemed to work perfectly well.

Beforehand I locked the app and switched off the setting “pause app activity if unused” - although not sure if these steps would actually make any difference.

I’ll keep trying this - especially with longer workouts and feedback.

Thanks for the app - I’m really enjoying it. Previously I’ve used sufferfest and zwift extensively and dabbled with bkool, rouvy, RGT, trainerroad and fulgaz. Your app is all I need and simple to use, and great value.

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Hi, i am experiencing exactly the same problem. After one hour time really slows down massively: Watching a proper football half 845 minutes), and only 25 minutes have gone in the app.
I am using an iPad Air 4th generation with 211 of 256 GB still available.
I think this problem started a few months ago and gets now worse and worse.
Thanks for any help.
Cheers, Werner

Watching it on the phone?

I still think that this problem occurs mainly when the TrainerDay app runs in the background. I only once experienced this and it was while having a phone conversation during the session.

No, i am watching it on TV.
The app is running on the iPad in the foreground. No other app is running.

Sorry to hear. Did you try restarting your iPad? Seems like performance should be fine on that iPad in general.

Let us check with broadcast, I don’t think we have done any tests like this while broadcasting, maybe it makes the problem worse.

Also if you can send me a link to the workout you did that might provide some insights as well and trainer model.

Yes, i have restarted the ipad several times. It usually happens when i do long steady low intensity trainings. Yesterday it was this: Trainer Day
In reality i was riding close to 1:45, in the app only 1:15.
I am using a WAHOO KICKR v5.0 and did this workout: Trainer Day - Workout: GA1 lang 115
What do you mean with “Broadcast”?
Thanks for your help!
(For me this is no tragedy, so no worries!!)

This is very interesting case, that it is such a simple workout. I also have a V5 and and iPad pro gen 2 so that should be slower than yours. I will try this with broadcast. I appreciate hearing about the problems even when not a tragedy as we would still like to improve this. Your example is very interesting one.