App getting progressively slower during workout


Switched from zwift to (paid) TD lately. I like it very much except for one serious issue. The app keeps getting progressively slower during a workout. Eventually, at the end of a one-hour workout, 1 second in the app is approx 2 seconds in real life… I timed it with my phone. I tried the app on two different iPads (1 quite new) and on an iPhone 13, all the same. Due to this issue, the total workout time in the app and also in strava is way off too. I use an Elite Direto trainer and a polar h10 HR strap btw.

Anyone having the same issues? Thanks in advance!

We occasionally have users with slow downs like this but usually a phone restart fixes it but seems less likely if you experience it on multiple devices. It also happens more on phones low on memory or older or slower. Are you doing really long workouts? Can you send a link to one of your completed activites?

Dear Alex

Thanks for your swift reply. My workouts are max one and a half hour, so not long. How can I share the workouts with you?


Just go to your activity in our web app and copy the url and send it.

This one: Trainer Day - Activity Detail

Oh, I think I understand what the problem is. It has to do with how your specific trainer handles ramps and how we send updates (every 1-second during a ramped interval). Zwift only sends updates every 5-seconds for example (As I understand it).

This is a problem that has plagued us for a while but we keep slowly fixing it, but you might be able to help us fix it once and for all. What trainer do you have?

You could verify this by doing the same workout with steps instead of ramps or flat intervals.

You can also see ramps vs steps here.

Dear Alex

I have an Elite Direto (original one).

Hope you can help! If I understand correctly, the issue should not occur with intervals without ramps?

All the best

But that is still an issue, as many workouts have ramps…

Yes, I understand. I was going to guess you had an Elite. It seems Elite trainers are more temperamamental than most other trainers. If you send updates too quickly they get over loaded and start throwing errors. Let me think about this a bit and get back to you.

Hi Alex

Workout without ramps today, same issue: Trainer Day

Sorry but this is unacceptable for a paid app, I am back to zwift…

All the best

I fully understand. Training needs to be as predictable as possible. If you contact me via email and you paid from our website. I can refund your money. We are small and random people have problems from time to time and we do our best to resolve them. You can read but strange problems happen to certain people on the bigger old platforms as well. You just were unlucky here.

I will also contact Elite and see if they will send me a trainer since we have so many problems with them.

Curious, As far as I understand how these sort of things work, sending updates every sec vs every x seconds will only confuse the trainer, but looking at the links @matthijskox shared(thanks!), it seems like the trainer is functioning per the power profile/workout. Doesn’t look like it’s losing it’s step or such.

Out of curiousity just how “slow” does it become at the end of say a 1hr workout? 1h0m5s? (eg: 5 seconds slower)

Hi Alex

No, refund is really not necessary. Hope you get it sorted. Please let me know if you do, because I really like the plaform otherwise.

All the best

No much more, at the end of the workout it is like 1s in app is 2s in real life. But it is progressive, so non-existant at the beginning of the workout and then gets worse.

Hi there,

Not sure if this is related to your issue or not but here goes:

I also have the Elite Direto and use the Iphone 3-year old phone (iPhone 11) or PC, with Zwift or TD erg mode workouts.

The Direto is a physically solid and awesome bang-for-buck smart trainer, at its price point.

However, it is EXTREMELY slow to react to erg mode changes - regardless of which app I am using. This is a known issue and prevalent on the Elite forums.

Bought a Wahoo Kicker on special in December. No more frustrating erg mode delay issues.

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What you’re describing may be more towards this issue here

per the linked thread, apparently TR fixed this… Did you per chance tried on TR?

Hello - Very slightly better w TR - but still nothing to write home about.

Direto lags significantly - compared to other brands.

Elite was never able to address it.

wow… Didnt know…
My Friend bought a direto but uses it on Rouvy and doesn’t do any structured workouts. Heard no complains.


Direto is awesome in game mode and non-structured riding.

Conversely, it sucks eggs in ERG mode, responsiveness.