Apple health Integration

Hi just new to trainer day. I am just evaluating to see if it fits my needs. Currently I have all exercises uploaded from their app to either the apple fitness app or directly to the apple heath app so that I can track the data. For example when I ride indoors on my Wahoo Kickr I use the Wahoo fitness app which sync’s recorded data to the apple fitness app which syncs with apple health.

Is there a way to achieve this easily with Trainer Day? I don’t see an easy setup in the Trainer day settings.


Sorry so slow. We don’t have any automatic integration. If you search here people have different solutions to getting stats in Apple health. I will do a quick look now. It seems Strava has some integration or something. I can’t remember exactly.

Here people are talking about it. For 4$/year RunGap might be the easiest. But others said Strava works

Ok thanks for the info…I have used both Strava and RunGap but both only sync very basic data…Please add me to the list of people looking for automatic uploading of info to Apple Health…Thanks, Mike


RunGap works perfectly fine and syncs all the Data from TrainerDay to Apple Health.


Ok I’ll revisit RunGap…been several years since I’ve tried it and sounds like it’s vastly improved…thanks!

Right. Make sure to first add both the TrainerDay and the Apple Health services.
I configured TrainerDay to be a source only, and vice Verda, Apple Health to be a destination only.
But that’s up to you.
Once set up, refresh and import TD activities.
Then, in the left sidebar tap Sharing and chose Apple.

Worked well as described…the imported data has the detail I’m looking for…I have it configured like you with importing only to Health with Health syncing to Apple fitness to have access to the charts…thanks for the info. Pricing for 3 months is $4.99 CDN