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Do you have any plans to have trainerday share exercise data with apples’s Health app? It share data with app’s like Strava and dropbox. It would be really nice to include apple’s health app as another option.

You are the first to ask for it. I don’t plan on it but if we get enough requests I will consider it.

This would be great, but you have to do it the “Peloton way”. With Peloton you can use Apple TV, iPad or whatever and when you open the app on iPhone, it synchronises all workouts from all devices to Apple health. Otherwise you would force all users to only use iPhone.

@pepelapugh As a workaround I’m using HealthFit to upload the fit-file from Strava to Apple health. You can’t use the files from TrainerDay, because they don’t include calories and they won’t help you to close your rings.

For me this is not necessary. I sync the Trainer Day rides with Strava and then have Strafe write them to HealthKit.

Sure. But I don‘t really use Strava and I don‘t want to install the Strava app for that. Actually I want to get rid of my Strava account completely.

Can’t you just create a fake strava account with fake data and set everything to private and only use it for syncing data? :slight_smile:

That is basically what I‘m doing right now. Just not with a fake account, but with an abandoned account just for TrainerDay.

Ok just making sure the reason was not because of people on Strava but it’s just strava itself. :slight_smile: I know nobody likes to add more technologies but I have used this in the past. Not for apple health but it worked well for my needs.

The thing is, that I already have a solution to get TD workouts to Apple Health. RunGap and HealthFit are doing a pretty good job to connect a lot of services. And I could easily use the tcx file in dropbox and get rid of Strava. But the tcx-file doesn‘t include calories and it doesn‘t include the name of the workout.
I get it, you don‘t want to put effort in the development of additional connections that only one person will use :-). And that is totally OK. But maybe you could put additional data to the exported tcx file.
And maybe add an export to iCloud Drive on iOS devices :wink:

I am just exploring all options and seeing if we can find one that is the most generic or can benefit the widest group. Dropbox obviously works for both iOS and Android, so it seems adding calories is the easiest solution. Thanks for continuing to share your needs/thoughts.

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Will the upcoming support for Apple Watch app help address the data integration?

That’s a good question. For sure it shows I did cycling in apple health but I don’t really use apple health so not sure if we need to do more. They blocked our app submission for some goofy reason about having the word free in our screenshots but should be approved soon.

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Recently appeared a lot of apps that use improved Apple health data for training, like Athlytic, Chipr etc. They all are kinda Garmin alternatives. RunGap is fine but this is merely workaround.

I found Athlytic, but not ChipR… Can you clarify the spelling?

I recently also dabbled into Tapping into Apple Health with my app BreakAway. To Write and Read data into It and syncing it to other platforms. (currently only

Here it is

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I need to brush up on AI… looks like everyone on it.

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