Apple Watch heart rate no showing up in app

The BPM pane of the apple always remains at zero. Confirmed that the watch is connected. Anything I am missing

Hi one other user reported an issue. Let me test on mine. What version of Watch and which OS do you have?

Apple Watch series 4 - watch os 9.6.1. iPhone 14 osx 16.6

Update: here is what my screen looks like, the watch seems to be recording some sort of exercise but nothing is registering.

Tried unpairing Apple Watch and repairing. Still no heart rate shows up. Attaching what shows on watch face while working out. When workout finishes, watch face shows that I am still working out but with no activity to shut off.

Sorry I did not respond. I have an Apple watch for testing and I saw you wrote this. I looked for it and could not find it and fogot to respond. Looking now again. I will ask my developer to review this. He has watch also. Sorry again, I totally forgot.

Thank you - I’d appreciate it.

any updates on how to connect Apple Watch to app?

Sorry, other users say Apple watch works. Which version do you have? My developer just broke his and I lost mine so we need to buy a new one for testing.

I had an older Apple Watch - just upgraded to Ultra 2. Unfortunately same result - no heart rate shows up. At a loss as to what to try next - close to giving up.

Sorry about that. My developer should have his watch fixed tomorrow and we will see if there is a problem with it. I am sure it is working for other users. Did you try uninstalling our app and reinstalling on your phone?

I just ordered series 9 to replace my lost watch. I will have it on Tuesday. My developer has not tested yet. As I said I know it is working for other people. First it would be best if we can replicate the issue and if not you could try working with my developer if you are willing.

I have the same problem. app shows watch connected, but shows 0 on HR.

I too am having this issue. watch shows as paired but I see the same screen on the watch: “you should start workout in the main application”, regardless of the status of the phone app. I am a new TD user and am not familiar with the watch application and what I should be seeing. The benefits of having the watch serve as my HRM are many. Any progress on solving this issue?

It’s strange because the Apple watch works for most people just fine and it should show power and hr and stuff on the screen. But it does not work for others, or randomly does not work some times (seems more rare). Which watch OS version do you have?

I think it’s not only a problem with the aplle watch - I have the same Problem with different heartrate sensors (garmin etc). The App recognizes the sensor, but it’s not shown in the training mode.

That’s strange, we have thousands of users using heart rate monitors. I have like 5 of them and they all work no problem. Some times when strange issues happen reinstalling the app helps. Also I would suggest making sure your HR sensor is not paired directly to your phone but just to our app. This should not matter but it could. What phone/device do you have? Also I assume you are using bluetooth. Can you give one specific model of HR sensor you have?

Hi Alex - Thank you for your reply. I just reinstalled the app. But unfortunatly there is no difference. I have a HUAWEI P30 lite phone and connected the heartrate sensors ( GARMIN HRM-Dual and Decathlon Dual HR) with bluetooth (for me, the connection via bluetooth is one of the biggest advantages of Trainer day) . They are paired directly to the app.
The problem exists since the last update of Trainer Day - before there was no problem for more than a year. Since then it also takes several minutes to connect my trainer (Wahoo core).

Ok thanks for letting me know. We will do deeper testing and get this fixed or contact you for more information. Sorry about that.

It’s really strange, I just tried 3 different HRM’s (including Garmin HRM Pro) and they all work fine (Pixel 6 Android Pro and iPhone) and you are the only one reporting this issue. If you hold down that app on the home screen and go to app info and go to storage and clear cache and clear storage maybe that will fix your issue.