Auto-Redirect Logged-In Users to Workouts

I have a suggestion that I think would improve the user experience for existing members. Currently, when I log into, I land on the homepage. While this is great for new visitors, it means I have to click on “Workouts” every time, which adds an extra step.

Would it be possible to implement an auto-redirect feature? This would automatically send logged-in users directly to the Workouts page, streamlining the process for those of us who use the platform regularly.

Simply bookmark the page, or am I not understanding your question?

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It actually irritates me when I have to logout to get to a sites home page. TrainerRoad does this for example. It’s a small irritant but still an irritant. As MedTechCD pointed out just bookmarking solves the issue :slight_smile: I always type “app…” to get me there.

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