Better Sound Notification when changing interval (RESOLVED)

Hi folks

I am a looking for an alternative to Trainer Road as it’s got way too expensive and this looks perfect.

I’ve only done one ride and I’ve got one small problem. When I ride I watch Netflix on a TV. I’ve got to use headphones connected to my Tv. I also use my iPad for the app.

The issue I had with this app was missing the interval changes. On TR there are effectively 4 bleeps to tell you there an interval change and as I’ve got the iPad volume turned up high I don’t miss it.

I am really hoping that you could do something similar? I think you’ve only got one beep. Please could this be repeated mad a bit louder


Hi, what we have found is frequently users coming from TR request this but later they seem to get used to our single beep and it’s ok.

I was the type that did not like all the TR beeps. I have not seen it in a while but I assume there is a request on our forums. If enough people want this we can add a setting to enable more beeps. Other people asked for a louder beep as well. I hope you TD is goid for you. If this keeps driving you crazy let me know.

Thanks for your quick response Alex. Greatly appreciated. I’ll confess I didn’t search this forum because I sort of assumed it was just an issue I had.

I’ve now done that and I counter at least 4 people who have requested similar functionality. So it does look like there is a bit of demand for this.

I’ll see if I get used to and if it’s still a problem I will come back to you

Thank you

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Hi I agree with both of you as a previous TR user and being someone who requested better beeps when first joining TD.

So I have voted for your suggestion but am used to the one beep in my particular set up. But if it is a simple fix it would be appreciated.

I used to think of TD as being an excellent alternative to the over priced TR but now I would not go back to TR even if they were the same price.



+1 for counting down like 4 short beeps and last one longer.


I have to say praise always increases voting power. Ok guys, if you used this for a while and still want it we will add an option for 3 or 4 beeps. :slight_smile: I wonder if we could improve upon it so. One beep for small power changes and 3 or 4 beeps for bigger power changes? I think what feels intense is some what trainer dependent some trainers handle power changes more smoothly.


Hi Alex

As I long term user I would still prefer a multi bleep system if it is not too much extra work for your developer.

Also it is something that you do notice when you first try TD and it may put some people off from committing to the app and the product as a whole.

Your different bleep thought is fascinating and could be really good for some users but for me a straight forward multi bleep for the last 5 seconds would be great.

Happy new year to you and the team.


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Thank you Alex. After playing with Trainerday I had made the decision to pay for a year subscription. It’s on my todo list for this weekend.

During my testing my only annoyance was this sound issue but ultimately the quality of the app and the price made it a no brainier.

For me the problem is that I am multitasking and not watching the iPad screen as I’ve got a tv positioned in front of me. I do obviously check that am in the right zone from time to time.

The sound needs to get my attention so that I know I need to make a change. Maybe when the power needs to increase you have 4 beeps that go up the musical scale and likewise if you are reducing power you get 4 beeps but they go down the musical scale.

The key for my use case is that the sound needs to be loud and noticeable.

Thanks again

Thanks again

Ok you guys can expect to see TR like beeps in the next 2-4 weeks. :airplane: I really appreciate the discussion and support.


Excellent :+1: :+1: :+1:.

Just lovely, looking forward to it!
(maybe for the people liking 1 beep, make it a personal setting?)

Yes, definitly it will be a setting. I want one beep.

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PS a few items in the queue but I estimate this one in the next 2-weeks. A bit behind schedule.

So here is what I am suggesting for a beep sound. It will be a bit different than this because it will do 3 beeps followed by our current beep.

You can hear it with some royalty free music too. If anyone does not like this let me know :slight_smile: Last time I did the sounds I worked with a customer that helped me choose.

The chicken confuses me :slight_smile:

Good point but now that you mention it that is the most important part of the notification… :slight_smile:

Alex I’ve just tested it and it’s spot on. Maybe your setting should be a customise number, so that those that don’t want a beep can type 0, you can type 1 and I can type 4.

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Sorry guys so slow. He is working on this today so it should be coming next week.

Hi Alex,
Today I used the TD-App V3. 5.0 (Huwai P10 Lite, Android 8.0.0)) and monitored the Workout on a Win10 PC with Chrome Browser.

My tacx Neo old generation connects with the TD-App with BLT.

In parallel with the TD-App I run Youtube Music. The sound from Smarts Phone was transmitted via BLT to a Sony Speaker.

This worked fine in the past with previous versions of TD. But now with V3.5.0.
Every time when the IV Beeps are issued to the Sony Speaker YouTube Music stops to play. That means that I can’t execute my VO2max short IVs (30/30 or 30/15) with music.

When I recover YT music (e.g. BLT OFF/ON) it works again till the next Beeps.

I would be happy if this is working again, because music for VO2max IVs is a great stimulus.

Regards Rolf

We had this bug in the past. I also believe one person restarted their phone and it fixed it. Let us test and see if we can reproduce and fix it.