Broadcast to PC, MAC, or TV (available)

See the attached image. Similar to a feature Xert has we are going to allow broadcasting your phone/tablet to another device. People can do this now other ways but this will be the simple way to do this. Just open a secret URL and turn on broadcast in our app and you will see your statistics at the bottom of a screen and we will make it simple to select youtube and hopefully netflix videos but you can minimize it and watch what you want. I don’t see it working with full screen zwift because I don’t think you can put a web browser over zwift, but maybe people will figure it out :slight_smile:


Sounds great.

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This sounds excellent.
Do you have an ETA on this?

I saw it working for the first time today. I would hope in less then 2-weeks.


Thats great. I look forward to seeing it in action.

Great amelioration !

Any updates on this?

It’s going to beta users today, you can join Android beta it should go to everyone on Wednesday or Thursday.

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Great! I look forward to it

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I am on the Beta version but I dont see a button to broadcast. Maybe I am missing it?

See below.

I see I am on 3.1.1 but I am on Android. Is the Android version out yet?

The viewer will be improved today, right now it does not start with showing any video. You must search youtube find a video you like and add it to your library.

Oh strange. Google usually approves very quickly. Apple approved faster this time.

Ah ok. I will hang in there to test it out.

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Version 3.2.5 for my and i haven’t this option :frowning:

Hi Alban, this is a feature only for the premium plan. Do you have a premium plan?

Ah ok !
Not yet ! I finish my premium plan on TrainerRoad and i buy Premium Trainer Day for this winter :wink:

Hi Alex

Version 3.2 updates look fantastic especially Average Power & Broadcast to TV. Really looking forward to trying them out tomorrow.

Will the Broadcast to TV also wark with the TV GCN+ app or is it just YouTube at the moment?

Really exciting how the product continually evolves.

Right now it is just youtube but for example you can minimize the browser at the bottom of the page (about 1/3 of the screen with out a video) and watch other stuff in the top. Please let me know any requests you have. This is just V1 of this but I want to know what people need. I would love to directly integrate other products such as GCN+ Just should create specific forum request for that.