CABLE Ant+ to Bluetooth Bridge

Hi Alex

I seem to be having lots of Bluetooth drop out on my iPhone & MacBook of late. However the Ant+ is really solid when broadcasting to my Garmin watch or other software apps that allow an Ant+ dongle to be connected to my MacBook.

Wahoo Tickr, Tacx Neo 2 & Favero Assioma Duo.

My preferred set up is Trainer Day App on my iPhone in landscape mode being broadcast to my MacBook which is placed just in front/below the TV which is connected to GCN+.

As a possible solution I was thinking to purchase the CABLE Ant+ to Bluetooth Bridge and place it right next to my iPhone to re broadcast the stable Ant+ signal from my devices to Bluetooth. Hopefully giving less chance for Bluetooth interference from the CABLE to the iPhone.

Firstly is your app compatible with receiving all of my data from the CABLE device and secondly do you think this solution might help or do you think that the CABLE device to iPhone Bluetooth signal will be subject to the same drop outs as the original scenario.

Many thanks for all your help.


Sorry to hear. I have a cable and it works fine with our app. I don’t know about everything. I just used it for trainer power and control.

I know people have problems with BLE headphones and Zwift for example.

Great Alex thanks for that and I will place an order for one.

Reading the manufacturers details it says that it can broadcast multiple devices simultaneously to most apps but then goes on to list a few known exceptions. One being TR which will only allow one device stream from CABLE.

So you are wanting to connect HR, pedals and Neo to Cable? We can try to test this, hopefully this week. I don’t mind investing a little to make this work, assuming it is not too difficult.

That would be fantastic if you could Alex and yes I was thinking to connect everything via CABLE to Trainer Day.

Wow … what wonderful customer care!!!

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Hi Alex

Just a thought. In the UK I can buy a second hand refurbished Android phone for a similar price to the CABLE.

All of our stuff is Apple so no option for Ant+. Given that my Ant+ is so stable might getting an Android phone be a more reliable solution to the BLE drop outs I am getting?

If so I know absolutely nothing about Android phones and would any such phone be OK or are there phones/brands that work better or don’t work with the TD App.

Many thanks for all your help.


My advice will always be for a Samsung phone they have models that support Ant+ connections which could be an asset, and of course they all support BLE connections.
I opted for a Samsung Tablet, the S6 Lite, which has BLE and Ant+ and the biggest advantage will be the screen size, and I haven’t had any problems so far with glitches.
Before I used a Samsung model A5 from 2017 it also worked well also included Ant+ and BLE, the advantage of this equipment nowadays will be its reduced price, some are in excellent condition for about 50 to 75 € or even less

I agree with João, on Samsung. Not all Android devices have Ant+. Check first. I am Apple a the way but I bought devices for testing and I can Android has gotten good enough that I could survive switching (but I won’t :slight_smile: )

Our app is fairly resource intensive so make it is not a super old phone.

Thank you both for your comments/opinions which are super helpful and very much appreciated :+1::pray:.

So no need to test the CABLE for me Alex as I will source a suitable Samsung phone as a dedicated indoor cycling device.

Many thanks both once again for all your help.


Hi Alex

I have had a go with a Samsung and whilst it did solve the BLE issues … I prefer my existing Apple set up.

I know you are very busy but when you get chance could you possibly test for me if the IOS TD app can receive all of my devices (HRM, Assioma & Neo) via the CABLE bridge.

Many thanks for all your help.


Yeah if you use Android for a while it is reasonable but overall I am still happier with iOS and having a second phone for somethings is kind of painful. I just gave my extra cable to my tester last weekend so I will ask him to test multi-device support.

He tried it. Said he could not connect trainer and power meter at the same time but HR worked with either trainer or power meter.

Thank you very much for the excellent information. Very helpful and much appreciated.

Not sure if I will purchase one or not … just wait and see how things go.

Excellent customer care as always :+1:.

Hmm, that’s a very personal interpretation. I would never give my money to a system that is closed/controlled like the Apple devices. Android is much more open. that’s why I choose Android. And off course, there is a much bigger price portfolio on Android devices. If you buy a decent Android device, performance and ease of use is similar to iPhone and you have more versatility.
But let’s face it, this is entirely a user’s choice and if you choose knowingly, you take the plusses and minuses with it.

Fair comment.

For me I am a bit too deep into the Apple eco system to use something different & unfamiliar just for my TD app.

Also Im no spring chicken so it is much more comfortable as you get older to just stay with what you have rather than chasing new exciting possibilities.

A lot of times there are better apps on Apple then Android because Apple users are typically willing to pay more. Many premium products start with Apple first. Also because they focus on US market first which is predominantly Apple.

I am like Kam just too deep into the Apple world and really don’t care that much about technology and short term simplification of not switching outweights other considerations. I typically upgrade my phones every 5 or 6 versions. I was using two 2013 macs (laptop and desktop) but finally recently just upgraded the laptop. My tablets are super old too.

I can say before I hated Android and now after using it for a few years just for testing our app I have started to like it enough that I would consider it, I might even consider it in the future. I got a pixel 6 because I knew it would get Android 13 sooner than other platforms and A11 broke our app so I wanted to be ahead of the game. That phone is fast and smooth, smoother and faster than my iPhone 11 but I don’t like the weird camera on the back.

Android is not limited to the Play Store…
Lots of very good stuff originates from apk repos and github. Developed by enthousiasts and often totally free.
Not trying to convert anyone from using what he uses now. If you’re happy with what you have, continue using it. The most important is that you feel comfortable with your technical gadgets.

I don’t care as much about comfort more about time utilization and pleasure. I am never looking for obscure apps that are not on the main app stores. So while I appreciate “open” which google is trying to make more and more inconvenient, it’s not a primary need.

I don’t like Apples business practices but google is not much better. App stores charge us the same and same poor limits/practices. I can say for testing our app with user problems Android is way better / easier.

Hi Alex

Seems I am still tempted by the CABLE device and I think it might work for me.

With power match disabled. Use CABLE for the recorded Assioma & HR data whilst BLE sends the less variable Neo slope & erg modifications.

However I do have one nagging doubt.

In your opinion and I know that your experience may or may not be relevant to my situation but your opinion would be balanced, honest & trustworthy. So do you think that placing the CABLE device right next to my iPhone would overcome the BLE drop outs that I currently experience between my Assioma & iPhone? Or if I want good clean data best to continue dual recording with my Garmin which is rock solid in Ant+.

Many thanks for your help as always.


The first question is why do you have dropouts from Assioma? I have Assioma / Neo iPhone and have no dropouts.