Climbs and Interesting Places

Hi. There are two options under Strava connection, Climbs and Interesting Places. What do they do when checked? I’ve read different forum topics searching these keywords but did not quite understand. Can you explain more in depth? What happens if I check either of them or both?

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Derin Hakan Karakurt

Put random maps on strava, and climbs will be climbs so your speeds and distances will be much shorter.

Thanks for the reply. I got it.

In one post you wrote
“If you don’t complete the route the first day, and come back the next day it will ask you if you want to continue the route.”

How does it work? Or I misunderstood something?

This is a confusing part. We have 3 different things

  1. Convert a route into ERG or slope workout on create workout page

  2. Climbs and interesting places on strava

  3. Upload a route on our broadcast screen.

    Broadcast to PC, MAC, or TV (available)

So #3 is this “follow your own route” feature.

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