Coach Jack - Event Planning IS HERE

So right now we have “single block mode” (base or build primarily) soon depending on the weeks until your event or desired goal date we will introduce multiple blocks. This will support up to 28 week “plans.” Because 16-20 weeks is generally about as much as people can handle of a build and peak period before burnout, if you go longer than 20 it will include a base period.

Just as an example many people burnout or get very tired after a hard ~12-week TrainerRoad plan, our plans start and generally stay easier so they can be sustained longer as well as more comfortably. We don’t know about TR’s adaptive training but I would say PROVEN science is on our side for work/efficiency/results compared to TR’s old plans. Many people have had great success with TrainerRoad so I am not trying to bash them, just saying Coach Jack takes a different approach (sorry I know I am repeating myself).


Hi Alex.
But that doesn’t appear in the plan!!
And when you enter a race date, can’t you differentiate mountain biking or road?
So could you do different workouts?

Yes this is coming soon and yes we will have different event type goals like MTB and road.

This week I started a 10 week Crunched Power Plan with my new coach :star_struck:. Four indoor sessions per week and one day outdoors if the weather permits … I feel fine for now … we’ll see in 2 and a half months :partying_face: … I’m sure that my FTP will be Improved… :muscle:


Hi Alex, I’m currently 22 weeks away from an event I want to train for. Will the multiple block training be in place in the next two weeks so I can start a 20-week plan with coach Jack?

Software development can be a little unpredictable and this is going deep into hard stuff but I am still hopeful it will be ready in 2-weeks. And yes it should work for you. Are you planning for an event or have a specific goal? If so let me know. There will be a limited number of event types we target in the beginning but should cover a wide range a little more generically, rather than highly event specific.

Thanks Alex, yes a group of us are heading to Mallorca in May and I have challenged our top climber to a race up Sa Colabra!! (the hardest climb on Mallorca). I’m hoping there will be something suitable as I have everything to gain and nothing to lose. :grin:

Ciao Alex, ricordati anche del mio evento che avrò a Giugno( Hero SudtirolDolomites) Mtb 86 km e dislivello 4500mt. ci eravamo scritti sul forum , grazie mille

Oh lucky you, sounds like an amazing trip. Yes we will definitly have a plan focused on big climbs.

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Ciao Daniele, yes I remember. I am working hard on this now :slight_smile:

:+1::clap::clap::muscle:Grazie mille spero tu riesca a completarlo presto

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Now when i create a new plan i see “set event date” and “After creating your base block, you will be able to create BUILD and PEAK” but after i create the base block i don’t see build and peack. It’s a feature i’ll see in the next days?

Oh no. You should not see this. This is not working yet. I am targeting next week. I will get that removed in next 10 mintues.

Ok fixed in 5-minutes. It’s deploying now.

Ok fixed. Thanks for letting us know. I really hope this will be done by the end of next week though. It seems likely.

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Waiting for this so hard! :star_struck:

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Ok… It will be a nice and useful add to this beautiful app :tada:

@aguti00 @fabrizio83 What nice comments!!! I shared this with the team. Thanks so much. We will do everything we can to meet/exceed your expectations but I am a little nervous now :slight_smile: It will be good when we launch but might take a little time to be totally amazing or as amazing as I am imagining in my head.

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Hi Alex!

I want to join with the others and say I am looking forward to the event planning! I have a 162 mile ride in July and going to need all the help I can get to be ready. Keep up the good work all around as well!

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Super cool, Forest. Sounds like it can be a fun long trip. Is that fairly flat or lots of climbs? I asked because when talking with my pro coach friend he suggested not many people were doing long flatter rides but I know here where I live I have friends that are that also want training plan advice. The V1 of event planning will have a climbs focused plan but if I see demand for flatter plans we can add that as well.