Coach Jack - Event Planning IS HERE


The ride is called RAIN or Ride Across Indiana. It is 162 miles and shows an elevation gain of +3,504/-3,026. Basically it is a lumpy ride that has slight incline the whole way. I can send an old flyer on the route that shows elevation map as well if you would like to see it?

Ok yes here is approximate elevation map. Even though in general terms it’s not so steep but still climbs the whole way. Seems that duration will be your primary limiter.

That is the ride. I have done it in the past but that was many years ago and time has caught up with me! Want to do it again as the body seems to be doing better. So looking forward to what you have planned for event planning!

Looking forward to this. I hope there will be a plan to support Time trialling as well.

Yes I was planning on something focused on like 20k TT’s to start with does that work for you? Really it should be perfect for 15-30k I would say.

That would be cool. Within my target event distance.

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Hi guys. Sorry we are so close, it’s technically 95% working but this is a bit bigger than we thought. Because I still need to review all the sequences / plans with some coaches and make some adjustments it might be the end of this week but I would like to say for sure next week.


Hi Alex, thanks for the update. Im sure you and the team are working hard on the final pieces, remember ‘all good things come to those who wait’.


agree with this.

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Hello Stewart, I’m from Mallorca. I’m glad to know about your trip to my beatiful island. I hope enjoy it. Sa Calobra it’s an espectacular and amazing place. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the 10 kms of climbing. BIf you want to take advice from a Mallorcan biker, enjoy the descent from the top to the sea. The climb will be much harder and more suffered. But also fantastic.
I recommend also visit Cape Formentor with its lighthouse. A route to Sant Salvador in the south of the island is also beautiful … Just take it easy and enjoy your trip.



Just to give an update here. We are done with development of the first release of this. Now we are just testing and hope to deploy this to production on Friday. We will continue to make enhancements to this but it has been coach reviewed and is a very nice solution I think.

See the basic idea below.

We ask a few more inital assessment questions to help determine the best recommendations. TT is not done yet but should be next week.


Looks very nice. Waiting for testing. :partying_face:

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Ok this is deployed to production as promised :slight_smile: There are some small issues that need to be resolved still but as far as we can see the plans that are created are good. They issues affect the experience slightly (editing questions sometimes does not show submit button) but this won’t have any affect on the plan. I still have more enhancements I want to do and am working on getting a professional coach that is a great writer to improve the content for the workouts and plans.

So you can start to look at it now, give feedback and next week it should be more polished.


First of all, I want to congratulate you, the developers, the coaches and the entire team behind this good product.

I have been testing Coach Jack since its birth and it is very easy to operate, intuitive, customizable and friendly.

In addition to this, I have been monitoring the metrics in Golden Cheeta and Training Peaks and the curves of CTL, TSB and ATL behave adequately, which indicates that IT IS a structured plan, with logic and science.

I am now testing for the full 28 week season build and it is awesome.

Plan my 28 weeks next year and the curves are very good. This is the projection.

Plan my 28 weeks next year and the curves are very good.

In these few hours of testing I have only found that the stress points are not shown when the plan is already in “My Plans”.

Now, after creating the complete plan I can’t find a way to edit it, this is important since you would not have to create a whole new plan if for example you wanted to increase or decrease the training time for some particular weeks.

Another important thing that could be introduced in the plan is every X time to perform an FTP test.

Thanks for this development, it is just what I was looking for and had not found on any other platform.


This is looking great!

I’ve created a plan but the starting date is shown in the past. Is this because I currently have another Coach Jack plan “active”?

Excellent feedback, yes very nice looking PMC. We have a reverse approach to PMC which is design a good a good plan (including time and intensity) and finally validate that PMC/TSB/CTL look reasonable. As I am sure you know all these PMC stats are highly individual so making it perfect without a very deep understanding of the individuals life and breaking points does not make sense but at the same time from a validation and initial plan design standpoint it should look reasonable. And obviously during the plan execution when your TSB goes very negative for too long you better pay attention.

The idea of performance modeling and tuning the 42/7 defaults of PMC is something that makes a lot of sense but is complex. Someday when we have more money we would love to pursue that more deeply.

I will test your issues later tonight you should but you should be able to edit in my plans.

Wow that is serious bug what event date did you choose?

Ciao Alex , vedo che il tuo lavoro per il programma annuale e per gare future, che avevo chiesto sta per essere ultimato, non ho capito come si può fare per vederlo. Io ho due gare mtb importanti( giugno e luglio) riuscirò ad avere un programma che mi porti una buona forma fisica per quei periodi? Grazie mille e complimenti per il tuo lavoro

I have just created my 20-week plan and it looks fantastic. What a great product! Chapeau to you Alex and the team for pulling all this together.

So this 0 stress is a serious bug. We will get that fixed Monday. Not sure how that got missed.

Regarding modifying the plan, you must send it to “my plans” and edit it there, you can add new workouts from your favorites for example or remove workouts. In future versions we will add features to be able to directly edit jack workouts in the plan. You have given me ideas on cool ways to do that just by your comment.

Regarding regular FTP test, our plan in 2022 is to launch an automated FTP estimation tool, like a very simplified version of Xert. Our plans are not so reliant on a perfect FTP because we generally don’t do long sustained hard efforts and really as you build up to our longer intervals you should be prepared for them and if they are slighly under it’s ok. But additionally we are working on notifications from Jack and an FTP test reminder could be a good one for that. I would really say 1 at the beginning and one in the middle is enough. I actually like ramp tests so for me I do when when I feel like I am getting stronger.

Thanks for your comments and your appreciation. The team and I feel really good that our vision of a product matches what people have been looking for. Obviously it’s what we felt is right. We will get these bugs fixed ASAP and you will see lots of more cool Jack stuff coming in 2022.