Coach Jack plan based on Zones, not FTP%

Is there a way to have Coach Jack to create a plan that is based on (HR) Zones and not FTP%?

Background - I don’t have a power meter, and have only estimated my FTP from a manual review of Strava race data.

I created a non-Strava based Coach Jack plan. I was required to enter in FTP. When the plan got generated, each workout is based on FTP% and I don’t see any option to change it to Zone based.

However, if I create a workout, I have the option to select Zone instead of FTP%.

Am I not understanding how this can work?


Right now you can not but we are working on this now. This week you will be able to convert power workouts to hr workouts in our calendar. It will be one at a time so a little painful but only take a few minutes to do a full plan. After that we will make HR based plans.

Thanks for the clarification and look forward to the update this week.

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