Coach Jack - Please allow clicking and seeing full workout details

Just wanted to second this …

I moved this to a new thread. @Postmeister Also requested this. This is a top priority from my perspective. I hope to have it ready next week but due to developer vacations it might take longer. It is coming soon. This idea of it going to a new tab is a great idea. I missed this comment.

To be clear in this new tab all you need to see is this. My guess is most would prefer to see watts not FTP% on the left or is just the hover enough?


Hi Alex, thank you for taking our feedback into account, really appreciated it!
IMHO the visual you showed would provide me with enough information on the workout.
On the Y-axis, I would indeed put the watts, as long as % is available when hovering.

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You are welcome. The above is how our workouts are now but I agree switching % to hover and side to watts would be better. I am not sure why it is not that way :slight_smile:

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Personally I’d be happy with just the hover , I like to wonder about the workout, looking at interval power and duration, which would be hard to gather in any other way but a hover

Ok my developer is working on this now to just get something and if he can not get hover like we have on our details page now he will add that soon.

See below I think this is the most critical part (seeing interval info) but we will start adding more to this page. Also as pointed out we are using a high speed stress/intensity calculation to make jack super rapid but it is not full accurate. We will make it so this popup is 100% accurate soon as well as pushing to My Plans.

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Well done! It helps a lot, thanks!

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