Coach Jack Workout Options

Not sure if coach Jack is supposed to be improved this month. i thought i read something about making it harder. anyway, i just created a fitness plan and some days are 45, 60 or 75 mn. I have 75 mn i can ride every day so if i do a 45 mn workout (Tempo), i do not mind doing another workout for 30 mn. What kind should i do? like endurance, another tempo or recovery? Advice

Hello, Pierre, you can set limits on each day and put 75 minutes for each day and just crank the weekly hours up until each ride is 75 minutes. The problem is that won’t give you a build period, but if you are always planning on doing that many hours anyway then it’s ok. You don’t need to break 75 into multiple but you can. You could overlap 2 plans at the same time in your calendar :slight_smile: Regarding what training you should do that is a difficult question to answer. It depends on what you like, what your goals are. I personally like the Serious Italian plan, but if you are highly consistent all year round you should have some level of periodization. If you don’t have any specific racing goals then really all of those plans are good and I would just vary them and have some periods of higher intensity and some of lower. Start at intensity level 1 and build to 16 or if 1 is too easy start at 5 and build to 20 or something.

The new feature is that CJ is going to take your answer to the question about how you like to feel and modify the secondary part of the workout to have either a harder or easier effort. The main efforts would stay the same. Soon he will also evaluate your riding to try to set this intensity. Generally we believe in the 80/20 or similar concept so we try to inspire people to do more low intensity but you can intensify it if you need it. You could do one super hard day per week on a 1 day a week plan, and then fill in the other days with a moderate plan. If you need more info on any of this, I could create a small video and show you as soon as we launch this new feature (later this week or next).


Never considered having two plans concurrently. Any pitfalls so long as your sensible and have your hard day at the start of the week? Any thoughts on logistically how this might work?

Thanks Alex , got it to work for 75 mn everyday. I am going to look at the description of each workout but it looks like it has the same kind of workout like tempo, endurance and anaerobic. I will start on Monday and will adjust.
Appreciate the feedback you gave me.

Yeah, this was just a crazy idea :slight_smile: Really I don’t see any problems as long as you don’t over do the intensity on too many days. But doubling up work workouts would be better than doing super long rides indoors.

You just have to share a screenshot of your calendar. Generally the beginning of the plan the “main work” is short and secondary work is long and looks similar from ride to ride as you get towards the end of the plan or if you increase the intensity then you see the main work gets longer and harder.

I feel like if I let coach jack pick the daily limit, it gives me only 45 mn on Monday and 1 hour and half on fridays. Wednesday are around 60 mn. 45 mn is really not enough although it is maybe because I started the plan with level one. I monitor my cardio strain with my garmin using the training effect metric. I try at least to get a 3. I am going on Monday to try the modified 75 mn daily workout. If it becomes too hard, I can switch back to coach jack recommendations.

FYI: Garmin over prescribes intensity as compared to modern science as well as the coaches I respect but at the same time some individuals do fine with more intensity. So Garmin might say you need more intensity. Your plan sounds good.

Alex, thanks for the input.

I’m blown away by this, do lots of zone 2 but was never happy with the intensity that CJ gave me, so never really commited to a CJ plan (although I really do like the way it does (for example) V02 followed by a good session of zone 2, encourages you not to do to much intensity, and still get the TSS up (if that is important to you)

Really interested to see where this is going

Not sure if you can overlap 2 plans in the mobile app. Looks like only one can be toggled on the web. Maybe I can switch on the fly. Have not tried that though.

I’ve not tried it yet, but can you apply both to the calender ? and go from there ?

Not sure if you can have 2 plans in a calendar. On the web, when you toggle a plan to be in the mobile app, it untoggles the previous one. I will do some testing in the morning.

If you use a calendar you can. If you push to my plans it can’t. We could consider making it possible to merge two my plans of people that prefer following a sequence rather than strict days like on the calendar.

See below two plans in our calendar.

When creating a coach jack plan you can send to “My calendar” or in my plans you can choose “Send to my calendar”

Then make your calendar active

I would love to hear more about what you are looking for. More intensity you mean? You can crank the slider up but still not enough for you?

Not really, more the right intensity for me, the intensity slider brings everything up, and that not really what I want, I’m fairly well trained, do 200km fairly regularly and every thursay night I do a 25mph chain gang and race

So at the moment I want a fair dose of zone 2, 1 ss and one v02 workout per week, sliding the intensity slider so I get the intensity I can more than do for the SS brings the V02 up higher than the level I want, two plans works just fine

But that works fine for me, because I am a strong believer that progression is more than just intensity and duration of the intervals, it’s also about how well you do the workout, so I will probably find that my progression for SS moves @ a faster rate than V02, where I may just want to do the same workout for several weeks and then move (don’t use erg)

How that makes sense, really happy with what I get out of CJ, just needs a little manipulation by me (as it shpuld) but it is by far the most underrated training tool on the web

Oh I think I see. Let me clarify. You want a more of a tradtional sweet spot + vo2 max and then z2.

We have this custom training block and I can see VO2 max is missing for some reason. I was sure we added it. Also we would need to create a new sequence for a most sustained sweet spot. Does that make sense?

VO2 max is only available in Sequence 1.


Funny I have been thinking about you lately. Had not heard anything. I was looking back through our conversations as I was sure I added it at your request :slight_smile: but could not find it. My developer will add it to all 3 options. Thanks so much for the clarification!!! You guys are starting to know this system better than I am :slight_smile:

Yes, I‘m still here from time to time and I’m still doing my workouts with the app and CJ :slight_smile: But I‘m having a lot on my plate, so I‘m very quiet in the forum. There will be better times again.