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Hi! I am using trainerday for my outside workouts. I often make use of the button that moves you forward one interval , for instance whenever I want to shorten recovery time. I find this very useful. But sometimes I need to go back, too. For instance whenever I go forward one interval too many by accident. It seems right now in order to go back an interval I have to end the workout restart the workout and move forward to the desired interval (and this time not miss it otherwise I have to do the same process all over). So is there a possibility of adding a back button next to the forward button? (Or am I just missing that something like this already exists?).


Super cool Konrad!!! You are using TD outside!!! :). We are working on back button now but there are three different cases I know of right now

  1. Undo mistake going forward (as you said)
  2. Extend current interval
  3. Duplicate interval/recovery set (add one or more intervals and recoveries to the end of the the workout

For shorten a rest interval (you can do this using the next button in the middle of your rest).

So my point is I don’t know how to handle all 3 of those cases. Two of the cases #2 and #3 could be handled with single tap vs double tap. #1 almost would require another button. I think this undo is something that people need a lot. Maybe when you do forward back we show undo button for 10-seconds or something.

This stuff is complex and going slower than I like but I fully agree with you. We have a new UI screen which has this back button on it. You can see below. It also supports interval targets for example.


Hi Alex,

Thanks for responding so quickly. Somehow the link to the new UI isn’t working (for me at least, it says " That page doesn’t exist or is private.").

I understand the problem. I just wanted to add: If you can add a back button next to the previous button then users will have complete control over the whole workout and by using a “back” button they can also achieve 2) and 3) (making a solution for these not absolutely necessary), while if you implement 2 or 3 or both there is still something missing.

Being able to navigate to a certain point in a workout by tapping on the graph is not an option, I assume?


Oh, that is for the beta group which you could join, but I just added screenshot above. So you can see the back button. We have back button working now in development but as I use it that is when I realize the problem is much more complex.

You don’t have to worry about my discussing MY problems below, but talking about it with someone that fully understands what they need helps me :slight_smile:

So say you are currently on an interval, and press back, what we do is automatically insert the same interval you are on again which basically just doubles the length of the interval you are on. Next button is kind of the oposite of that, meaning it just skips to the end of the current interval. If you use a music player of some sort and press back it goes to the beginning of the song again, but if you press it quickly again then it goes to the previous song start. This is essentially a double click to get an “interval set.” The problem is when you press next twice, the intervals are essentially deleted so back would just repeat what you previously did not what you removed unless we do some magic that makes it work like undo for a period of time but I think that makes it even more confusing. A temporary undo button would be safer.

Navigating to a specifc point is a bit confusing too. Meaning after you navigate backwards then you don’t want one power reading going over the top of the other one. You esentially want to extend the work, so once you click on the navigation point we need to insert the amount of work you selected. I think back button is safer or more clear. I have learned anything that is slighly confusing to me becomes seriously confusing for users.

Anyway I am very apprecitave of your ideas. Users ideas are frequently better than mine :slight_smile:

Thanks, glad to help.

I see. I didn’t think about how navigating the workout might collide with the recorded data and the chart.

Very much looking forward to that new UI. If you still need beta testers count me in!


Cool. Not sure if you joined the beta group here. Do that and just send me a direct message with your email and if you use iOS or Android.

Not that I really understand how to code, but in my imagination everything left from the bar was “recorded”. Everything right of it is coming and these are two channels of information. Maybe two colours for the lines and you could move backward on the “planned graph” and the recording “seismographic needle” is still working. But again my sense for coding made a turn 20 years ago.

I had sometimes the problem that I double-tapped the screen by mistake and the intervall was “gone”. What about gestures? Two fingers swipe left backward and the same to the right.

Yes it could confuse users or it could end as a hidden feature, but it could also be a solution.

Yes, lombo, you are right “we can remember everything.” One of our testers also wants a gesture or a longer hold required for next making it more difficult to click twice on accient. My current thinking is that to temporarily show an UNDO button when you click next, and you can undo multiple times if you click multiple times. I am aware it is totally frustrating to “delete” an important interval.

Sounds good, I’m looking forward to that feature.

The gesture was just an idea, you know the details and also the complaints if something does not work :wink:

Gesture is not bad idea… I just prefer to make it more obvious so I don’t have to keep answering the same questions over and over. I prefer to spend my time and love to answer new questions over and over :slight_smile:

Sorry, has this feature ben implemented?

Yes, but you have to think about it differently :slight_smile: Meaning rather than move to previous, it’s duplicate last interval, you can see more here.

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