Cycling Weekly - Beginner plan

Hey everyone. Just want to share Cycling Weekly beginner program that I’ve recreated in TrainerDay. The original plan (with a PDF on the page) can be found here:

And here is the plain in TD:

Have fun. Also this is my first plan and I’m planning to go through with this. If anyone can give a comment on the plan then I’ll be happy to listen.

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Cool Luka, I like that plan other than it seems to be missing recovery weeks. Also if it is someone starting from the couch it is probably too much unless the cross training is closer to walking intensity (but your cycling only version does not have this cross training issue).

Yeah no recovery weeks but will see how it goes. I’ve been on and off training this year so this is definitely not from the couch but would still classify myself as beginner that’s why I picked this plan. I kinda need to pick a plan and stick to it.

Looks reasonable and if not from couch it seems fine. If you don’t feel you are getting enough recovery turn the first workout of of each 3rd or 4th week into an easy ride and maybe skip the first cross training that week and it should be good. Usually 3-4 very easy days recovery is enough. Or if you are feeling strong do it as is :slight_smile: I think it’s a good beginner plan.