Data Smoothing Inside TrainerDay App

I would like to submit a request (not sure if this has been requested before or even if it’s already in the app) to allow data smoothing of the power displayed in the app. It seems to me that the power data is always instant or 1 sec if I’m viewing it correctly.

It would be nice to have an option to view this data a little bit more smooth – maybe 3 or 5 seconds (or an option to change between a few? (not very important)). The data recorded would still be the instant power, but to be able to view smoother data might be nice compared to quick changes in power.

This is on the list for soon, this drives me crazy… :slight_smile: For sure I want to add a switch for at least 3s smoothing. Hopefully should be in the next month. For Wahoo users it does not matter as they have built in 3s smoothing but for the rest of… we need it!!!

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Haha, yes we do! Thanks for the update. Glad to know it’s already on the list! :smiley:

I don’t…

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