Data Smoothing Inside TrainerDay App

I would like to submit a request (not sure if this has been requested before or even if it’s already in the app) to allow data smoothing of the power displayed in the app. It seems to me that the power data is always instant or 1 sec if I’m viewing it correctly.

It would be nice to have an option to view this data a little bit more smooth – maybe 3 or 5 seconds (or an option to change between a few? (not very important)). The data recorded would still be the instant power, but to be able to view smoother data might be nice compared to quick changes in power.

This is on the list for soon, this drives me crazy… :slight_smile: For sure I want to add a switch for at least 3s smoothing. Hopefully should be in the next month. For Wahoo users it does not matter as they have built in 3s smoothing but for the rest of… we need it!!!

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Haha, yes we do! Thanks for the update. Glad to know it’s already on the list! :smiley:

I don’t…

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Bump - I really struggle without this (I use powertap pedals) and it’s really difficult trying to ‘smooth’ in my brain whilst working out.

I think getting this into the app is pretty vital, so even if it’s just hard coded to 3s for now and released soon that would be great… in the future it would be nice to be able to tweak to other settings.

I believe trainerroad uses 3s.

Yes TR defaults to 3s but has options for 1s and 10s also. We have a build coming out this week with power match and many other small features and after that, the next build will have this smoothing in it. Hopefully next week but 2-weeks at most I would say.


Christmas comes early!


It is in tomorrows update.


Is the data smoothing smoothing the data only for visual effects or for actual data sent back?

So if I have 3s smoothing on, will my workout file show my 3s smoothed power when analyzing post-ride? or will the data show my actual real-time power and therefore the 3s smoothing is just seen visually in-ride.

I ask because a week or two ago I did a ride with the 3s smoothing on, and I could have sworn I saw a 930ish-watt appear on the app. But when analyzing post-ride, it showed my max power in the low 800s. Maybe this isn’t related to the same feature. And I haven’t tested it much, just curious

Oh I forgot all about this. I asked my app developer (Grigory) this right before he went on his 3-week vacation and I forgot his answer but he just confirmed 3s goes to the data files too so he will fix this ASAP.

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