Disabling Power Smoothing on Virtual Power

I’m reluctant at subscribing because the virtual watts feel off.
I have tried Wahoo SYSTM and Trainerroad, setup is Minoura v100 resistance 1. Both I think are exactly the same as the watts is directly aligned with my heartrate of zone 2 and the typical speed of the trainer powercurve and when I tried Trainerday.

The power curve seems like like maybe 10-20 watts off.
and more importantly, it doesn’t respond too well on 10-30 second efforts, which I presume might be the built-in power smoothing.

I was hoping if you could check if Minoura V100 Res 1 power curve is correct just like systm and trainerroad, and maybe add a feature to adjust the power smoothing seconds because that only seems to work with steady efforts. It’s really hard to do a 20 second effort then wait for 5 seconds for the power smoothing to go up and the interval counter is already over.

Might be worth adding tire circumference to the feature as well, both systm and trainerroad have one which i dont know? Maybe it affects the virtual watts?

There should not be any smoothing that I know of, assuming you have the switch off in our settings. It seems there are different settings on the V100. We took our curves from GoldenCheetah for this trainer but I can’t find any published power curves and TR and System don’t publish what they are doing.

You can see ours here for the different settings.

Sorry I don’t have any better info than this.

Is it possible for you to take my fit files from wahoo systm, that performs a steady 10,20,30,40 kmh and extrapolate/interpolate(?) the generated watts from the app?

I’m really wanting this work, or maybe you could let us add a custom trainer powercurve so we can tweak it from there? Because mag trainer is usually linear, so it should be close to the app

Follow these instructions and send the results back to @Alex to add it to the curves:

Thanks I will do this when I am fully recovered this week

So I am not fully understanding… We need some kind of reference point(s). If he does not know his power how can he doe that? Also the MINOURA V100 seems to have different settings, so we would need estimates for each setting unless he just sticks to one.

I think this might be a better way to do it or could be pretty accurate. Just get 2 reference points

  1. Find a speed that feels like the maximum you can do for 5 minutes, and write down the speed and go as long as you can
  2. Do the same thing but for 20 minutes in a separate test

Then finally in addition to those 2 ref points, we need an approximation of your FTP. Could be gotten based on an outdoor ride (even without a power meter), especially if you did a race or all out effort and we can estimate your drag and know your weight… Or could just be what systm or TR told you.

But yes with regards to your idea @MedTechCD is if he just had some different speed and power values from TR or Systm, we could compare and see about matching theres.

In this case he can take his reference points from Wahoo Systm and/or TR.
If he knows the curve is linear, do three points in Wahoo or TR and use the resulting linear curve for Speed>Power curve. Just make sure that you are measuring wheel speed or flywheel speed or roller speed. Don’t use any virtual route/slope/resistance.

Oh yes, you meant from them. That’s what I was thinking too.

is that V100 a smart trainer? I checked their website and looks like a magnetic or friction resistance trainer. I doesn’t have any electronics to control the resistance or broadcast any power

here is the manual