Editable Coach Jack Plans and external sync

So we are working on an edit feature for CJ that should be done soon. I realize the full vision that would be amazing and would allow editing your plan from the Coach Jack interface and your plan (future workouts) are updated all the way to whatever platforms you use. This will take a long time to fully complete but I am currious how many others would like this. This idea started from comments provided by @aguti00.

So Coach Jack plan edits would

  1. Update the TD calendar we are building now
  2. Sync to TrainingPeaks, Intervals, Garmin, or Google Calendar

This gives you the ability to bulk edit your entire plan without having to work on individual workouts and for example if you took a week off due to sickness your entire next 16 weeks could be edited and adjusted in 2-minutes and continue to maintain reasonable PMC metrics.

This also means you can tweak CJ and in a few minutes you can look at TrainingPeaks and Intervals and verify your PMC data looks good.

I would think we could have this done this year though.


This is precisely what I’m looking for @Alex . The ability to update and amend for all life’s little hurdles will be brilliant


This sounds great :clap:

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Much appreciated Alex, my son is 18 months and the healthy/sick cycle is brutal. To me changing the ramp rate/time/etc. isnt so important but changing workout days and having it adjust intensity based on more/less rest days would be awesome.

My boys are 7 and I think they have been sick 4 of the last 8 months… and frequently when they get sick we do too. Worste year ever, so I completely understand. 18 months was incredibly difficult for us, now it is a piece of cake in comparison but I feel like I am right there with you as I can relate so clearly. Anyway I hope and assume you are having great times as well.

Even though CJ does try to keep TSS/TSB in check we are not so TSS focused and like Dr Seiler we don’t feel that intensity is a direct substiture for duration. Maybe in some cases it can be but not universally. Throwing in more HIIT sessions on small weeks has been proven to be effective for example. I don’t see this edit feature exactly doing that type of TSS managment our dynamic version of Coach Jack we are working on would be even more effective for parents with young kids, or anyone with disruptive lives. Hopefully your kid is not in college before we finish it :slight_smile: But it will have a stronger focus on dynamic schedule changes and micro-managment.

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I would love this Alex. Precisely what I was trying to do yesterday but ended up deleting on TJ plan and creating a new one :wink:

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:+1: sounds great! So far I have moved the session in the Intervals calendar as I saw fit, but this would greatly improve adapting to interruptions of your plan.

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Sarebbe fantastica averla il prima possibile questa modifica a CJ darebbe una continuita fantastica a tutte la problematiche che ognuno di noi ha in casa al lavoro e nella vita quotidiana che ci complicano il nostro bellissimo sport.

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Ok Edit and Clone are done. See here

New Coach Jack Version - Supports Edit and Clone and removed “Create Next 4-weeks”

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This would be awesome - was just going to post to ask how you update CJ plans when you have a disruption.

Also wondering if there’s anyway to periodically refresh the plan based on recent rides- eg rescan Strava.

Yes we are working on CJ dynamic version and that will take your recent strava history and continually adjust the plan when their are disruptions or unplanned additions. RIght now, I would say it’s still not ideal meaning really if you take two weeks off for example, there should be a small ramp back into full training, especially depending on your age. For young people this ramp might a one day ramp :slight_smile: as well as also repeating the previous last week of workout sequences.

This is all complex. Right now CJ is fairly advanced but fairly basic at the same time. He is hitting on the plan fundamentals but dyamic is a whole other level.


Got it - makes sense, and thanks for continuing this great work.

Hi @Alex I’ve been using TrainerDay for a little while now and signed up for Premium today (woot!) but I’ve hit a stumbling block. I’ve used “Coach Jack” to create a custom plan, and it created fine but I can’t figure out how to then sync it to TrainingPeaks - is this not possible? In the demo video I think its an old version of the Coach Jack beta and the interface looks a litle different but there is a “Send” button at the top to send the plan to TrainingPeaks - I don’t see/have this button.

Can you confirm/clarify please, how do I send my Coach Jack plan to Training peaks so that it populates my calendar with the workouts please?

Many thanks


Hi DA, yes you have two different options. One is we have calendar sync option. The second if you want to do full managment of your CJ plan in TP then use the “Send to” feature. You can edit the plan you created or create a new one and rather than sending to calendar, send it to “My Plans” when you save the CJ plan. See screen below. Once you send it to My Plans and you are connecte d to TP you can send it there.

To use this send to feature, you need to have a paid TP plan.

Thanks for the quick reply Alex. I might just be being stupid but this is what I did and it doesn’t seem to work? I clicked the “send to my calendar” option, and it appears in TrainerDay calendar, but the workouts don’t show in my TrainingPeaks calendar. The plan is set to commence on monday 3rd October.
EDIT: Ignore the below, I see what you mean now - I’ve synced it to TrainingPeaks now - thank you!

Is it simply that individual workouts don’t sync to the TrainingPeaks calendar until the day before they are due or something?

Or do I need to use the second option you’ve listed instead if I want the workouts to populate in my Trainingpeaks calendar?

Many thanks and sorry for being a bit slow, not great with computers!


You should not see it in the TrainerDay calendar, you should only see it in MyPlans. If you send it to your TrainerDay calendar you must turn on calendar sync and we sync 2 weeks at a time.

See how to turn on calendar sync if you want to use our calendar.

Rouvy fan here :sunglasses:. The ‘Send to My Calendar’ says it will sync to “… and Zwift/Rouvy”. Can you provide instructions? I am about to start a plan for indoor/winter riding and prefer to ride in Rouvy. Last winter I either downloaded each workout and uploaded it to Rouvy, or used the smart trainer and Rouvy (rides, not workouts) while simultaneously using the TD app and power pedals to follow the workout. Option 1 worked pretty good but gets tiring to manually manage the workouts in Rouvy. Option 2 makes me think too much trying to keep in the power zones.


Sorry so slow. Generally you just use our calendar, and connect to TrainingPeaks (free or paid version), turn on TP calendar sync in our platform

And see below in Rouvy use TP WOD and it is it all works.

Rouvy Blog | How to Prepare for Your Next Event with Rouvy and TrainingPeaks.

Making progress. I have workouts for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday on the TD Calendar. In TP I can see the Tuesday workout only (8pm CST). In Rouvy I don’t see anything. The Rouvy blog you posted seemed outdated as they are not using the Workout app now. The AR and Workouts have been combined into one. I found this page but it didn’t help me as I appear to have the settings as they instruct: ROUVY and TrainingPeaks – ROUVY
I am using the free TP account.
Please let me know if you have any ideas or I can reach out to TP and/or Rouvy. Thanks.

Ok let me try to get this working. TP free version will only show today’s and past workouts. For Rouvy to work you might need to have a workout scheduled for today but it sounds like you do.