Export workout to Trainingspeaks using HR (instead of power)

Hey all,

this is my first post, I just signed up for my first month :slight_smile:

My question is:

Is it possible to export a workout (or plan) from TD to TP using the heart rate (HR) instead of power?

When I click on “send to” in TD it exports to TP very well, but it defaults to power-zones instead of HR-zones (and TD also tells me “Trainingspwaks (power)”.

Am I missing some default setting here? Or is it a fault setting in TP? I found out you can change it in TP after opening the workout by selecting from the dropdown list, but I was thinking there might be a more convenient way?

I am using a Wahoo Elemnt Roam as GPS with HR connected.

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Happy to have you. We just do straight conversion from power to HR and for most people there is a difference one way or the other but this is highly individual. Yes you can send as HR, but I don’t remember if you can send a whole plan as power but for sure you can do individual workouts.

This is here to remind.

Don’t hesitate to ask if there is something specific you want/need.

What I figured out now is that when you create or use a plan and export it to the calender (which is synced with TP), again in TP (and thus Wahoo) the workout will only show up with power and not heart rate. This happens although in “apps and devices”, “percent of HR” is checked.

I was hoping to get this solved with the pro plan. Any suggestions?

Oh, yes, good point. We can add this right away (should be within 2-weeks maybe days). Our calendar sync is new but something important to us.

I just want to confirm for now are you ok with a 1:1 relationship between HR target and power target. The problem is we need to build a mapping because each person is unique. So if the workout is 75% of FTP it will be 75% of HR threshold. Personally I think it is good enough for most training to have a direct conversion.

You can see Coggan has a small difference between HR Threshold percent and zones and power zones.

As you may know short intervals become less useful or for greater than vo2 max basically not useful at all.

I am thinking about this feature. I need to understand more peoples use cases. Do you want specific days of the week to be HR based. Do you want to go in and set specific workouts to be HR based. This is not so easy to build. I was thinking all or nothing but I realize that is not the best idea.

Here is one idea

I think it is better to do it the way everyone else does is specify specific workouts to be HR based and indicate it.

Just the rough idea of showing it in red, and you click on it and have a check box to change to HR or not.

Thanks for your dedication to this topic!

To me, having clean and easy user interface/workflow is more appreciated than having erverything adjusted (the reason why I use Wahoo instead of Garmin). But thats just me.

Actually I can’t think of a usecase where one would e.g. use Power on tuesdays and wednesday and Heart Rate on mondays, fridays and saturdays?

As for me, I don’t own a powermeter, so for me it would be HR all the way/time. I can imagine that erveryone using a Powermeter actually will use instead of HR (because that’s why they bought it?)

Just my thougts!


Some have power indoors only :crazy_face: and use power on the trainer, HR outdoor.


I see this! Also, people only might have a powermeter e.g. in fitness club but not on the own bike… Or just on one bike but not on all of them.

Nevertheless, having this feature one way or the other might be big for me. Maybe the “easy” solution first and adding the (harder to implement) possibility to choose between days/workouts?

Yeah many people with power meters do HR based training some days especially when focusing on staying below Aerobic Threshold AeT. Yes I was thinking you would want all HR, so changing all workouts from power to HR is a bit painful. This is the case I was thinking of. Are you using Coach Jack or are you using other workouts or plans in TrainerDay? This is very good info though. I will try to make it easy for you as well as flexible for others.

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Yes this is probably a very common use case, thanks for pointing that out. I was thinking of “sofisticated” ways of converting power to HR, meaning what to do with anything with lots of power changes (simplify) and VO2Max+ intervals… Maybe instructions. Here is 4 min @ 120% ride at an RPE of 9 (of 10)…

I’m using Coach Jack right now but did some single workout and other plan for testing purposes. This might vary, will have to see what works best for me. But so far, CJ seems like great coach :slight_smile:

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Yes I switched from Garmin to Wahoo just because it feels so much simpler.

Cool, yes so CJ should just ask if you have a power meter and if not then say ok let’s do HR based. Glad you like it.

Nice, that would be an easy to use solution.

I’ve read in another topic that there is/will be “virtual power” at some point. Implementing this might be very interesting, too!

We have virtual power for indoors now, we considered it for outdoors but it would be very difficult to have any level of accuracy due to road surface conditions and more importantly wind and elevation.

Claude, I am guessing you do all this in Intervals now? I am curious your workflow. For users using Wahoo our platform has the significant benefit of the TP integration. But what do you do for example on days that you change your mind from indoor vs outdoor. In a dream world I can see that you just “check a box” and it gives you the right workout for the right environment. Also Garmin users can use Garmin connect with or without intervals. Obviously using TrainingPeaks premium is a good choice other than I find their workout creator painful and the price is higher than many want to pay.

I’m going to have to dissapoint you because if there is one thing I suck at, it’s planning or rather following a plan…
I don’t plan anything anymore but just do some workout every day with a huge emphasis on Low Intensity. See totals screen from Intervals

Solo cycling is almost always Z2. On Sunday morning I have a group ride that gives me some intensity (totally unstructured but pure fun :joy:). I try to ride at least three times a week. But when life get’s in the way It might be restricted to just the group ride on sundays.
Running, 2 or three times a week, mostly LIT too. 45 - 90min. On one of those runs I do a high intensity effort of 1km (for me that’s a pace of approximately 5min/km). My dog is still way faster then I am :rofl:
On none running days, cycling days included, I add a brisk walk (I walk my dog every day for about 90min). At a walking pace of 8m30sec/km I’m just top Z2.
The combination of those activities puts me generaly around 12-14hr a week.
I do follow up on the PMC chart to avoid overdoing it, but the big part of LIT rarely get’s me there. Still measuring morning HRV consistently too.
I feel great doing this and my PDC is better then ever before. Especially in the 3-20 min durations. I’ve lost a bit of anaerobic power that causes me sometimes to get dropped on steep hills shorter then 3min. But my aerobic fitness has improved and I recover much faster when reaching the top so I can immediately catch-up with the group where the others are still catching their breath…
I really learned to appreciate the low intensity and enjoy my rides even more. Running still feels harder, but I’m getting better bit by bit. I suppose I will have to replace the brisk walks by slow jogs when things keep improving because my technique has difficulties walking faster then 7km/hr.

Excellent. That sounds like a perfect “plan.” I suck at following plans too. Two 7-year olds, 2 “jobs” and two homes seems to give me no predictability in a training life. It’s interesting how everyone using TrainerDay is so different.