GPS data in Strava upload?

Seriously? The Trainerday App is creating fake GPS data for Strava uploads!?

Can I turn it off? I don’t want to cheat.

I tried disabling “Interesting Places” in Strava Account settings and uploaded a missing workout. But fake data is still there.

Yes, many people like virtual maps. Many people like distance in Strava. I personally don’t need either but everyone is different and yes you can turn it off. Turn both of these swtiches off. We need to improve the messaging on this and we are going to start disabiling it by default.

You can read more here

Thanks Alex.
Virtual Maps are cool if the locations are also fake, like Watopia. But being listed in segments i have never rode is not so cool. This should really be disabled by default.

Yeah Zwift has mostly real locations these days but yes I understand completely and I agree it should be off by default. Lot’s of people get confused especially when getting a big climb and they get really slow speed and short distance. These climbs are the classic climbs of Europe but it is not so obvious when you see the map. Also as Jeremy pointed out, part of the reason I made this feature a priority is because I felt it had a bit of marketing benefit. We don’t want to spend virtually any money on marketing to always keep our costs to a minimum.