Heart rate no longer works in app using Garmin Broadcast (RESOLVED)

I have a garmin Instinct 2 and this watch use to work with the app flawlessly. After the new update, it no longer shows my heart rate in the app. The Garmin app shows heart rate on my phone without issue. The app shows that the heart rate monitor is connected.

Oh no, is this bluetooth or ant+. Android or iPhone?

Can you please detail your situation a bit better?
Are you using a HR strap?
If so, do you have it connected to your watch? In BLE or ANT+?
If a strap is connected to your watch in BLE and you have the Garmin app running, both BLE channels are in use and you can’t connect a third device/app.
Reboot your phone and just start TrainerDay app. If you now have HR on your watch and in TrainerDay, try connecting Garmin app.

Bluetooth on Android Google pixel 6

Its a Garmin instinct 2 watch over Bluetooth. Is ant+ supported now?

I don’t know all models. Does that mean that it sends out HR measured from the wrist or are you using a HRM strap?
There are at this moment no HR straps that support more then 2 BLE channels. If both channels are in use, you can’t connect a third device/app through BLE. If some of your devices support ANT+, use that where you can and conserve the BLE channels for devices/apps that can only use BLE.

TrainerDay app only supports BLE. But your watch has support for both ANT+ and BLE. If you want to use two apps simultaneously on your phone to show HR and are using a HRM strap, you will have to use ANT+ on your watch to connect HR strap.
If you are not using a strap and your watch itself is broadcasting HR over BLE, it probably supports only one channel. That’s why you should try to kill the Garmin app and then check if TrainerDay app is getting the HR in.

There is no heart rate strap involved. There is a watch with a built in heart rate monitor and a smart trainer and a phone with the app.

And you do start the HR broadcast on your watch?

I just updated to 3.1.0 and tried the HR broadcast from my Coros watch. It is still functional.

Broadcast ant+ ??? I thought the app didn’t support that. This a Garmin watch, not coros…
Anyone with a Garmin watch that supports Bluetooth on here? Like I mentioned, this all worked previously.

Pausing the Garmin app and broadcasting ant+ didn’t change anything. The app shows the device is connected

Not ANT+, i already mentioned several times that TrainerDay does not support ANT+.
I don’t own a Instinct 2 watch but I’ve searched a bit (for you!) and my brief search seems to indicate that you need to start broadcast HR or Virtual Run or Virtual Ride to initiate the HR signal being sent. That is after all normal because if your watch was doing this all the time, you would run out of batterie very quickly.
Now when the watch starts transmitting HR, it acts just like any other basic BLE sensor. And most sensors do not support more then one BLE device/app connected at the same time. There are some HR monitors that support 2 BLE channels and maybe some other recent sensors do it also but to be safe and diagnose your issue, disconnect anything else that could be connecting to it.
You say it worked before. Except the new version, is anything else different? Have you done the combo of the Garmin and TrainerDay app succesfully before?
Have you tried removing your Instinct 2 from the devices and searching for it again?

I have removed it, added it, followed all your suggestions. Doesn’t work. Works perfectly in zwift and rouvy over Bluetooth, no changes needed. It worked previously on a Samsung phone, I am on a Google pixel 6 now. Again that was the older version app and I have updated to the newer version… Everything is over Bluetooth on the the watch, no external devices. The smart trainer is over Bluetooth as well. Tried the app without the smart trainer and just the watch and it shows 0 still.

I bought this watch specifically to use this app while the ant+ stuff was being worked on… it did work in the past.

Pixel 6 do you have Android 13? I bought a pixel 6 so I could try A13 but it still does not let me install it yet so we can’t see if there are Android 13 problems. Don’t worry we will get this fixed for you, and hopefully quickly.

TrainerDay does support Ant+ on Android :slight_smile:

Here is Wahoo strap working with pixel 6 A12

The problem is Pixel 6 does not have Ant+ but if you get an adapter it should be possible to make Ant+ work on P6. I can try this if you need me to.