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Yes is an option we have a separate topic for Espanha/Portugal because we somehow understand each other well

Do you mean I should rename this group to include both? Right now the group is called Espanol, what do you think the name should be?

In my opinion yes Espanhol/Português :wink:

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Para quem esta a usar um smart trainer Bkool Smart Pro, conseguem activar ou desactivar o modo ERG.


The languages are totally different. You should make two separate groups.

João is from Portugal, I guess he knows :slight_smile: If they can understand each other it’s better to try to have more people and a bigger group. So far I only have Italian’s asking questions on this forum but I do get lots of emails in Spanish in the past so I will move them here in the future also.

Not all Portugese get along in Spanish, although many do, my wife included. Back in the days, Spanish was a mandatory class in school.

I’m pretty sure the other way around is less common.

It’s more like English and German or French and Italian.

Not all English speaking people like each other… :slight_smile: Let’s see how it goes, if their becomes a group that wants to split apart we can.

Um, what? Anyway, it’s your forum.

Funny, you used English terminology and as an American, I misunderstood. And we are talking about misunderstanding:) so far we have no one posting in those groups, so we are solving a problem that does not exist :slight_smile:

Yes you are right, it is almost normal for the Portuguese to speak and adapt to Spanish than the other way around, but with a little effort we end up understanding each other

That goes for Germans and English folks as well.

Yet, you do not put those in the same group, right?

It’s one of those things that make life complicated. I’d just stick to English.

It’s luckily not my forum, but now I expect the software to be available in all languages too :joy:

We are going to add languages to the software. Spanish paying users are outpacing English based ones now and I feel this is something much of the software industry overlooks. I get tons of emails from non-English speakers. This industry caters to the rich, English speaking cyclists. Not us, not focused on this demographic anyway.

Also with these groups the English speakers won’t see foreign language topics. I respond to these emails now, why not make it public responses.

That’s a little harsh, at least the rich part. I know that a hobby is as expensive as you let it become, but it’s not like there are only tools for the privileged.

As to the language: I’m not surprised Spanish is what you see often. It’s one of the most spoken languages, as is English and Chinese (any plans for that?).

Bkool realised there was a market there :sunglasses:

Anyway, I shall refrain from further commenting. It’s your ‘baby’ and you can make its playroom as big and complicated as you want.

I feel that 10$+ a month for an ERG player is for the “rich.” I am not saying the companies that are charging $10 + /month are taking advantage of people because software development is expensive. I am just saying no one other than GoldenCheetah and ERGVideo seem to be offering solutions to people that don’t have this level of disposable income. I realize it is all about life choices but globally there are many performance riders making small incomes than people in the rich countries and an extra $10 is a lot. I think we all agree here in the affordable space their are limited choices that are convient and simple. Obviously the other group here is those of us that can afford more but don’t feel that other platforms have stuff we don’t need or we are just not getting the full value from them.

Again, I am not saying other companies are doing anything wrong, I am saying they are focused on building products that people with more disposable income can and are willing to afford. Building video games is incredibly expensive. Just like everyone else my goal is to make a profit here so I am not a saint. Just a different target market. Long term I plan to figure out how to make TrainerDay even “more free,” and create some highly valueable “add-ons” for rich people… :slight_smile:

Yes, I am trying to keep it as simple as possible… Meaning add stuff that is low complexity that really improves the experience for a much larger number of people.

I’m sorry if I offended you. I know you mean well, I’m trying to help you avoiding to make things so complicated, like others before you, that eventually get overwhelmed and never make a profit.

Luckily, there are more people like you, some of which even produce incredible tools, for free. Maybe they have deep pockets needed to be able to do that, maybe they are altruistic.

Just remember that to be able to use any of these tools, you need the hardware to even have a need for them.

That can come cheap or expensive, but in itself it already indicates a level of disposable income.

I’ve been saving for over 4 years to get the money together for my Favero Pedals. I’ve won my bike computer in a lotery and have always ridden second hand bikes. It’s not that I’m poor but other stuff gets priority. It was only when I got a bonus on my work for 20 years service that I could afford them. And I don’t like wasting money which platforms like Zwift, TrainerRoad make me feel like I do. I would only use them for about 30% but still pay 100%. Alex’s take on this is very much appreciated by me. On the other side, I’m constantly looking out for opportunities like this app. If you’re patient and spend enough time on internet search, there are very good deals around. Most people don’t like spending time searching around and just go for whatever their friends use. The flip side on free or low priced things is that they often dissapear after some time because no longer affordable by the developper. Then you have to start over again…