HIIT training the Trainer Day way

Once a week I’m doing a HIIT training for which I used one of the workouts as a baseline. I’m a 50+ working cycling enthousiast, enjoying cycling, but with one big goal : an Alpine event this summer. I’m usually doing my “tough day” on a Wednesday. As probably a lot of us recognize, one Wednesday is not the other. For pro racers, a fixed workout makes perfect sense : this is what you have to do (unless you are sick). For us, working class cyclists, it doesn’t work like that. Which is where THE top feature of Trainer Day comes in.
My point is : I can take a schedule with 3x10 HIIT repeats. One week it can work, the other … not really. Of course you can always stop a session and scroll forward, but I hate doing that. Or the other way round, sometimes I feel really good and I would like to add another block (I realise pro cyclists are not supposed to do that, they have to follow the exact schedule, but again, I’m just a working guy).
So what did I do : I created “HIIT blocks” (Trainer Day - Workout: Sport IT HIIT Block 10). From 10 repeats, over 8-6-4-2. I start with a workout plan I think I can do. Or with no plan at all. Do my warmup and then take a 10 block to start. After that, I add whatever I think works that day.
It’s one of the stunning features of Trainer Day which totally works for me !

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You are doing it perfect, in our opinion!!! Even pros should be training by feel. I am working on a video right now talking about this. We would love to have the ability to “add an an interval set work/rest” with 1 click which would even simplify that farther, but I do the same as you so I know it’s not that bad other than in the middle of something hard fiddling around kind sucks. Really happy, this is working for you though!!!