How does the new power match work?

Oh I missed this response. If you see this >300w thing can you take a screenshot? I want to know what the offset is at that point. Yeah some of this is beta problems. We also wait 20seconds before starting to make adjustments, we are going to change that to 13. Your feedback helps

Absolutely, I’ll take a screenshot later today once I get back on the trainer. I think a 13sec could help with this exact issue. It wouldn’t be such a problem if I was in the small chainring or higher up on the cassette I suppose, but I’m normally big chainring-halfway down the cassette while riding in erg.

Is there a better way I can get screenshots to share? Mid-ride would look something like this:

Or is that okay?

That’s fine screenshot, I just don’t see any problems problem. You can press pause while riding and see the entire workout while still riding. I think a few small changes will make it much better. This + - bug.

Sounds good. This screenshot was after the fact, sitting on my office chair. I’ll get a better screenshot when I finish the ride in a few hours

First off all, I think it will be a good idea to always mention Trainer Type when reporting PowerMatch results. I refuse to believe that all trainers will respond the same way…
So here’s my first test on a Tacx Vortex;
My experience was totaly different because I was blown away by how good it works. At the start of the workout I’m usualy 20-25w too high because everything is still cold. Powermatch adjusted 21w down after 20sec. Then the corrections became gradually lower because trainer and tire got to temperature. After about 12min I had Powermatch at +/- 4w for the rest of the workout. Ended up with an almost perfect fit to target. Only the first 20 sec were off and that is totaly acceptable. This is off course an endurance ride at steady state and I will need to test some intervals to see how it behaves there. I’m very happy with this result for a first beta release!
The difference I see with Jeremy’s setup, is that in this zone my trainer is, once warmed-up, very close to my PowerMeter and corrections are small.
At first Alex was talking about 5% tolerance but for me it tracks within 1% :star_struck: Actually Powermatch did automatically what I have been doing manualy for some time now by adjusting the intensity. All temperature drift is nicely removed.

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Same trainer as what I use - vortex and same watt range as well from cold to hot, same things I was doing before powermatch arrived. Questions as well aside from the trainer type, phone or tablet and how long was the break before riding again? My note 10 has a built in app that allows me to split my screen in 2, when I did this to the app while riding it crashed, same thing happened when I was using xert beta.

Okay, here are some screenshots. Note, I am using a Kinetic Road Machine Smart Control (thanks for the suggestion on listing what trainer). It really is pretty good erg mode and I don’t have much to complain about, especially for a V0.5.

This first screenshot is when I started pedaling again after getting back on the bike (this was a few hours of break, but the same thing happens even if I get off for only a minute or two). The resistance is very difficult while and I have to crank along until the app registers and the “PowerMatch” works.

Below, here you can see when the app recognizes, it over-corrected, then got back into a pretty good place, where I would expect

I stopped 2 more times during the ride to help brush my son’s teeth and to go to the bathroom. When I got back on, the resistance was really hard again. I didn’t try and push through in like the screenshots above, so my cadence was super low (<50rpm) at my wattage was somewhere around where it should be. I’m thinking adjusting after 13seconds will help this rather than 20. It feels a lot longer than it is, and isn’t something I’m used to.

This next screenshot is the /\/\/\/\ I was talking about. It’s hard to see especially within the app view, and I couldn’t really capture a better picture of what I was experience in TrainingPeaks or Strava.
It feels like the resistance gets lighter, then compensates by triggering an erg adjustment, and does it again a couple times all while maintaining a very similar cadence and the same gearing. I’m not really sure how else to describe the phenomenon. This doesn’t happen the entire ride, but at least for 5-10minutes I notice it. I’ll try and screen record next time

Great news. I think it works well now for more steady state efforts. We did something much simpler so my original idea about 5% off did not happen, we adjust all the time in real-time so other than large power target changes should be within 1%.

Jeremy thanks for your detailed expination. I know exactly what the problem is. We just need to ignore when large power changes occur because the difference between power meter and smart trainer reported power become large. Just as you guys described before, you stop pedalling and it switches from PM to ST because PM goes to 0 quickly and ST does not. You can see this in this image. We can fix this no problem.


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Jeremy, ok here you can see our new logic we used your exact same workout. Previously it looks like the offset went up to + 50w or more now it just goes up about 5w over standard offset briefly. It might not be obvious what this is but the dark line is the offset as compared to the target (flat line below it). When your pedalling went to 0w (and funny even negative) our offset heads towards 0 but then fixes itself back to the right offset rather quickly


Second ride with PowerMatch on Vortex. Nothing fancy, 2 x 20min Tempo. Tracked beautifully again.

Full 70 min workout yesterday, what I noticed vs trainerroad’s powermatch wherein you had to keep your cadence on point or adjust it when in erg. TD’s pm - tried varying my cadence but it remained on target

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Yeah, on my last ride I intentionaly changed cadans between 85 and 95. The app keeps power constant. :ok_hand:


Pretty nice result today. @Alex Did you mention there is a new PowerMatch being released this week or next? Or is it just the beta version being released to prod?

Here’s my workout… Red arrow shows the start, where I had to push hard for about 10sec before the calculations kicked in and was good to go. It might be cool to have the app remember the recent offset, so if I don’t change the wheel’s tension, there wouldn’t be this “few seconds of difficulty”. But that might be too hard to work out since some people take their bikes on and off the trainer all the time… just thinking out loud.

I got off the bike twice, as indicated by the blue arrows. Power was hard for a second when I got back on (not as bad as a dead-start (maybe due to heat since I was only off for a minute or two(?)), but it steadied out fairly quickly. Avg power within 1-2 watts (254 and 253 vs 255) even while varying cadence and standing occasionally. Long-ish intervals of 35 and 40 minutes and power didn’t fade off :smiley: :+1:

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We have some bugs we are trying to get fixed and new beta should be out today or tomorrow. It should be ready for prod and those issues should be gone.


New version should be out for Android today and iOS will take a day to approve.

Great, thanks! Looking forward to trying it out tomorrow AM.

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Already here!!! Great…

I just wanted to try out the new powermatch feature. Unfortunately I don’t get a connection to the external powermeter after the update. The same issue occurs both on the phone and the tablet.