How does the new power match work?

Possibly the PM was paired with other apps via bluetooth. In that case you’ll need to disconnect the PM in the app then pair it with trainerday app again.

Will respond soon but new version of Android should be soon and iOS later today or tomorrow. Waiting on google and Apple

Will respond soon but new version of Android should be soon and iOS later today or tomorrow. Waiting on google and Apple

Oli68, it was working fairly well but in trying to improve power match it now works terrible. We have been rushing builds out the door because these guys are all excited rather than testing it super good first… Anyway if you are using Android, sometimes when updating the app it will not connect to a specific device. We did change our connection code also in a recent build so if restarting the app does not resolve the issue it would be great if you would leave the Android beta group in the play store and install the production version and see if that fixes it. I would love to know. For me it connects toall three of my Power meters perfectly 4iii and Assioma and one on a spin bike…

NEW VERSION IS SCREWED TOO… Sadly we I think we have to start over with power match but I think I figured out a new way to make it much more stable from a testing perspective. Do you guys really need power match so I should roll it back and deploy the first version or can you want until we have a new version and just turn it off for now?

I would appreciate having the first verssion back. I had not one single problem with it, for my use case. Don’t know how much work it is for you?

Probably 1-hour. I asked my developer if he can do it. Maybe we can do it tomorrow since it might take a few days to get this new version working correctly.

Or the version before the latest one.
Btw any issues over at the Ios side?

No newest ones of both iOS and Android are still bad. I deploy them before fully testing but I am going to stop doing that and try to roll back to the previous working version.

I just saw a new update over at ios, is this the new one that caused the erratic erg jumps? I won’t update if that is the case and use the current one

Don’t update!!!

Thanks! Will not touch that for now.

Ok power match is back to previous version and will be available in Android shortly and iOS later today or tomorrow.

We added one enhancement from previous for @Jeremy so that when he stops to brush his sons teeth when he comes back their will only be a 50w error not 100w+ :slight_smile: We are working on our next version of power match which we are hopefully will be even faster adjustments and great error handling (like stop pedalling errors).

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Ok tested + - with power match it works ok but is delayed until your power starts changing, power match is busy working trying to adjust it :). Will need to improve this in the future.

Hahaha :joy: This is too accurate! Looking forward to my next indoor ride with all these changes!

With two 6-year olds my life is not so different

Can anyone test power match on iOS? Specifically stop pedalling and start again. Still waiting for Google, we might have to submit new version to approve it.

Hi Alex
No jumps when starting up again but I did notice I was not able to hit the target watts during my workout. Same happened when I did ramp world to test if I go above 200 watts
Trainer: Vortex
Ios Ipad used

That sounds really strange. We will test this. I would guess you need to do a spin-down? How much offset did you see at 200w+ ?

30 or so watts I think, unfortunately wasn’t wearing my glasses so might be more.
Waiting on the android update to compare.