How does the new power match work?

We are working on power match now. If you have both a smart trainer and a power meter and you want to make sure you are targeting what your power meter says, this will be for you.

Did a workout yesterday after installing It has PowerMeter priority but I couldn’t see anything related PowerMatch. No indication whether it is on or available, no notifications on corrections. Is this the version whith PowerMatch 0.4?

No actually we turned it back off since it’s not actually working yet. It should be in the next beta release, hopefully today or tomorrow.

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Hi Alex! Will we have powermatch this week? :grin:

Turned our more complex than I thought so we started over and went to a very simple power match of what we are calling real-time. Meaning it just monitors you last 10-seconds average and adjusts current target to that offset. There is one bug right now that needs fixed and then we can launch it to beta testers. That could should be by tomorrow but I think it will still need more work before it is really a great power match, but hopefully it might be good enough to use it. We need to improve it and make it a bit less “real-time.”

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Thanks for the update Alex. Will look forward to it.

Ok you can see how it worked here. Our logic is pretty simple so I am nervous it won’t be good enough but visuall it looks like it is helping and seems reasonable. I will create another test with miscalibrated power meter to show a bigger difference. I just submitted to play store so this version should be available later today. Apple store will more likely be tomorrow (Tuesday)

I am updating the app now to the latest version, will test later today. Thanks

Cool, yes I see google approved it.

So I mis-calibrated my power meter and it made it clear the potential problem withthis first algorithm. In this case my power meter reads high on the lower wattages and low on the higher wattages. This is only a problem with short intervals as it takes about 10-15 seconds to adjust itself and after that it’s not a problem, so it should solve the problem with the slow decline you were seeing but as you can see it does not work perfectly in all situations. I am not sure why the first interval was so far off.

Installed it yesterday and will test today.

Riding now and looks good Alex :grin:. Any future plans of having 3s,5s, 10s etc smoothing options?

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Anything visible on what PowerMatch is doing at a certain point?

Great news. Yes see this topic, I want it soon :slight_smile:



My bad, voted for that already :grin:

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I’m trying out the beta now on an endurance ride… doing half of the ride now and will finish the other half later. There are definitely still some flaws, but once you’re actually riding, it’s not too bad. If you get off the bike mid ride, getting back on takes a bit of time before you’re back into the erg mode which makes sense. It felt like I was really cranking (low cadence high power – >300w) to get back where the erg was working at my 198w target.
When i first started using it today, I had to close and restart the app as well as disconnect my trainer a couple times before everything worked okay. At first, my power slowly dropped off as my cadence became higher, signifying that the trainer wasn’t increasing resistance. I tried shifting to a harder gear but this only helped for a brief moment. Also, manually increasing erg % above 100 with the +/- wasn’t working even if I had the erg up to 120%. This is probably just a beta app thing. After restarting app and reconnecting devices, it wasn’t so bad and seems “good” throughout the ride to where I am now with the exception of the really hard start when I get back on after stepping off for a minute or two

My power looks something like this: /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ towards the beginning of the workout as the power slowly declines, then adjusts, slowly declines, adjusts again. This might be that heat issue that was mentioned in the facebook group. After a while, it becomes more steady.

I’d be happy to try something different or look for something more specific :slight_smile: . I’m riding while typing this now so hopefully I am communicating what I’m seeing. I wonder how other apps change their “power match” when the rider changes gears… If I shift into a different gear (even though not really the point of erg) it takes a little bit to get back into resistance. as expected…

Screenshot would help. Are you saying power match is not working well for you? It’s not perfect from my perspective but a lot better than no power match in cases when the power meter is noticably different than the smart trainer.