HR Zone Definitions

Hello everybody

I would like to know which HR zones are used in the TrainerDay app?
Example: Zone 1: 50%-60%, Zone 2: 60%-70%, etc…

Thanks, RuiM

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Hi, I don’t think we really have HR zones, we have power zones. Is there somewhere specific you mean regarding HR zones? We do convert power to HR. Can you explain more of what you are looking for?

Thanks for your reply.
Many apps (Garmin, for example) use 5 HR zones: zone 1 (from 50% to 60%) of the maximum HR, zone 2 from 60% to 70% of the maximum HR, etc… I know you use HR Ratio but I just wanted to know the % values used in the TrainerDay app.

Yeah I don’t think we use HR zones any where, only power zones.

There is associated HR zones. You can see them here

I generally talk in blog posts or forum posts about Zone 2 HR a lot :slight_smile: but really I define the top of Zone 2 as being your Aerobic Threshold (AeT) so that is very individual usually between 65-70% of HR max. Generally we think in terms of Coggan’s zones even though I don’t necessarily agree with many of the ideas Coggan originated 15+ years ago… My guess is these days he has a similar belief to other leaders regarding not suggesting sweet spot for everything :slight_smile:

Ok Alex, thank you for your reply. Regards

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I would like to understand how my power zones are divided into td. To understand like my zone 3 at how many watts it starts and ends. Here is just a curiosity to understand how they are calculated

Hi we use coggan zones.

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Thank you, now I have clarified the concept

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