Import TrainingPeaks Workout into TrainerRoad Plan

Today i did my first workout on trainerday and i really loved the simple UI, premium is totally worth it.

Durino the workout i saw something strange about power match values and maybe it is the why i had issue synching Strava.

The value of power match is something i dont understand.
My setup is Elite Direto xt + Assioma Duo Shimano.

Btw the workout on Trainingpeaks seems ok

But on Strava the values were unreal, like 10km and an average speed of 16km/H.

On Garmin connect i had to load it manually.

These things make me so sad because the app seems amazing.

What you see there is that PowerMatch fuction needs to correct the target by 50W to make your Pedals measure the desired target. Without PowerMatch you would be 50W off target… I would suggest you check the setup of your trainer because that seems way off. Or there is a problem with the values returned by your pedals.

Once again, speed on a Smart trainer has absolutely no meaning. Power is what you need to watch. In ERG mode you can ride 100W at 12k/hr just as well as at 45k/hr. What the app does, is, it sets you up on a virtual route and with the power you produce and the grade of the virtual ride, it calculates what your speed would approximately be on that route. If you are put on a steep climb, 150W will return something like 10k/hr. If you are put on flat route, it will be over 35k/hr…
If you record with your Garmin device at the same time, that will give you simple flywheel speed. Depending on what gear you ride, the same power output will generate totally different flywheel speeds.

Its a reasonable value? Because 50watt seems a huge differenze.

If you look at Strava you probably climbed a big mountain and climbing big mountains goes slow. If this is true you can turn off climbs in Strava settings. We also have drag factor in profile to adjust your power to speed.

50w difference is not unrealistic. You can turn off power match and see the power line will be 50w off.

Take a look at this thread. I think the OP also has an assioma and was seeing high powermatch delta.

That thread has some suggestions to determine

  1. if the mismatch is “real”
  2. some ways to do the testing.

If you’re interested in the “Why speed / distance” are different, you can take a look at this thread

Thanks Alex.
So i did a mistake, i missed the calibration of Elite when i installed my Assioma.
Right now i ran a rest and now the missmatch is approx 5 watt.

About Strava you could be right, i removed the climb options (both the options are not so clear) and today i will do another test.
Btw yeterday i did lead manually the workout and it was egual to TrainingPeaks.

About garmin connect i understood that automatic synch is not supported.
It is something I can live with.

Live broadcast on tv is amazing.
I was afraid about the missing of a microsoft app, not needed at all.

Keep it up

Cool, yes 50w on your trainer seemed on the extreme side but 5w is wow very close, nice. I probably would not use power match for this level of closeness. Yeah this “climbs” feature causes lots of confusion. In the modern day no one reads. The just see “climbs” and click to turn it on :slight_smile: I am exactly the same. Cool. Glad you like broadcast. Hopefully when we get bigger we can bribe Garmin or something :slight_smile:

Today I did another training and i still confused.
Missmatch is really strange

I cant understand which is the real power I did put out, if i look at feeling i bet it was 298 watt and not 232.

The real power you did is the white line. You were doing 232 watts according to your pedals which are likely much more accurated than your trainer and will match outdoors. When you do large power changes it might take 20-30 seconds for our power match to catch up to determin the difference between the two. TrainerRoad had V1 of their power match for 5+ years before creating V2 power match that was much better. Ours is decent but we should do a V2 when we can but this is very complex work. If you can get your trainer within about 5watts of pedals it would be better to just turn power match off. You will still see the difference between white line and blue line but it makes it even more clear.

The 298 is actually the power we are sending to the trainer. We have to add 65 watts to get the trainer to match the pedals, but in this case it appears to be a tempoary over compensation before the power match starts working.

Hi Alex,
Thanks for you answer.
So 232 is the power from the Assioma without compensation so it should be correct.
I guess that you are overcompensating the power to the trainer, because i had too much fatigue to pull out 232watt in my opinion and feeling(RPE just to be clear).

Correct Assiomas are 232. Now indoors frequently feels harder than outdoors so if rpe is higher than expected just press that - button :slight_smile: we are of the belief you should only really suffer when it is fun :slight_smile: ride slow to go fast is the motto of 2022+ :slight_smile: