Link left and right PM pedals (COMPLETED)

I have a set of PowerTap P1 pedals on my spin bike. They show up nicely, but only one channel is recorded in the app (probably the left one).

Can this be addressed or am I overlooking something? I know Favero has a combine function in its app for compatibility with other apps, but not sure how to do that for my PowerTap pedals.

No we currently don’t currently sum the two. You are the first person to ask that does not have Favero pedals. I am sure even some Favero users would prefer this so they don’t have to switch back and forth if they use multiple apps. I am not sure how easy this is. Let me see.

I have Favero Assioma Duo pedals, that’s why I know :sunglasses: They’re on my outdoor bike or sometimes on my Tacx bike to compare them with my Neo…

And yes, switching that setting is easy in theory, but I frequently end up with only one pedal when switching back and then (also) have to make them Duo again.

My Favero Duo is configured “Unified Left” for BLE. Trainerday App uses it that way
on BLE. This setting does not apply to ANT+ what I use for my bike computer. So, i’m always correct without changing settings.

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I should probably keep that in mind. It depends on the device I use to record the activity, but yes, for most bike computers, Ant+ will be used first. Otherwise, you can just make sure the BLE channel is captured by a phone app first, then switch on the bike computer.

(This doesn’t solve my P1 problem, but it’s helpful info for the Assioma’s)

ANT+ compatibility would solve your problem :crazy_face: so now there may be a good reason for ANT+ development for you too. PowerTap P1 has the same Master/Slave configuration as the Assioma’s when using ANT+. But they leave it up to the receiving app to sort it out when using BLE.


Hey what if we just added the option for power doubling? That would be way easier.

Nah - I have a hernia induced L/R imbalance of 46/54.

You’ll need to add an option to account for that :joy:

What if you just pretend you have less money and could only afford a single sided PM? :slight_smile: Remember we are talking about your spin bike… You should be doing Peloton classes like me on the spin bike.

FYI this is a perfect example as to where I think I should do it the simple way :slight_smile: at least to start. It’s such a small segment of my current market that needs this possibly only you.

If I pretend to have more money, can I get a 10% curve added to my FTP? I mean, who’s really racing outside anymore…?!

Coming from a data geek, ‘pretend’ is bold :joy:

Seriously, this was already a thing back in 2016, when PowerTap/CycleOps sw could not support their own product. I don’t think its successor Rouvy was any better at it.

And yet, these pedals were sold…

Don’t do anything for me here, as I can put the Assioma’s on that sturdy BodyBike just as easily :sunglasses:

Or use my Edge to capture the power.

I’m using - check them out.

I forgot but now I remember you told me about cycle masters, yeah I did not like it. I prefer the glam of Peloton… Although cancelled that now too… :slight_smile: I will do the double power as that will help most people except the perfectionists with an imbalance and too much money :slight_smile:

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You could add an input field iso toggle button. Set a 2x multiplier by default but allow 1.8-2.2 for example. Those who know their inbalance can do the math. For cyclopaat this would be 2.17 if he pairs the left pedal. Still not 100% correct because inbalance tends to get more pronounced when fatigued. But close enough to keep you on target.

Doubling is fine. On my spin bike, following a spinning class, the dynamics are totally different anyway. Different exercises, like standing, freeze, RPM changes, whatever.

Plus, while there is a shift over time, spinning classes typically are sub one hour.

Like I said, if I really want to now ‘exactly’, I can put the Assioma’s on the bike.

Good idea, what I learned is if I try to do anything fancy people get confused and in worse case think it is a bug not a feature

Perfect we will do 2X switch

@Cyclopaat I can’t remember if you are a beta user. If so we have this power doubling feature done and we don’t have any pedals that will work with this. The name must end in “L” or “R” for doubling to occur, and my single sided end in “U”

I am. As posted above, my P1’s both show up. What do I need to do next?