Multiple "Types" depending on device

For some intervals, I want to specify different interval types depending on the device used. For example, on my Garmin, I want to have the interval open-ended; if I do the workout in Zwift, I want it to be a free-ride, and on the TrainerDay app, I want it to specify a slope (beta version). If I enter “FR SLOPE OE” in the type column, I noticed that the creator doesn’t auto-convert the abbreviations; does this mean that each device won’t recognize? Do I need to separate with a comma?

I love it!!! You really see the power in what we are trying to do. I knew people would want multiple types on a single interval and was just waiting for someone to say something. We will get this done. In some cases there might be a conflict but your exact case is perfect and should work great. Now entering slope would be ignored for everything but our app.

Also, what happens if we specify a value in the slope column but enter “work”, “rest”, or “free ride” as the type? Will the slope still change in the app?

if you are currently in slope mode and then have changing slopes it will not be affected by what you write in the interval type column unless you put ERG there.