My experience with Trainer Day so far

I would like to take the audacity to share my experience with TD, especially with Coach Jack so far. But first I am going to put in context for those who will take the time to read this so that it can be better understood.

I am 42 years old, with a wife and a daughter, I work full time as an engineer and one week a month on night shift, so I am an average person with daily responsibilities and inconveniences like any other.

I have been training consciously for about 6 years and like any other I started gradually, a lot of reading and information about it. In the search for a correct way to train, I tried many training platforms (the best known and not worth mentioning), in them I did not feel fully comfortable since I saw that what I had read and what sports science said it didn’t match what I was running in training or just didn’t suit that form of training.

So I gave Coach Jack a try because his description and the topics covered in the forum were more in line with what I had learned. From November 2021 I started the full plan for a two-day MTB competition in mid-2022.

The PCM graphics looked good:


It’s 3 months of Base so far, training with a lower intensity than what I was used to in recent years, and I’m not going to deny it, it feels strange because we have etched in our minds that the harder we improve, the famous "No pain, no Gain”, this is not entirely true and at a certain point it makes us worse physically and psychologically.

However, I followed the plan which is really comfortable to do, to my surprise I found that I was barely in the base phase and I had already improved almost all my power curve compared to the previous year. Here are the numbers for those who, like me, like metrics (I weigh 54 Kg, I’m 1.65 cm tall):


4.11 W/kg FTP en Base Phase, so there are a lot of possibilities to improve this number.

I also did a check-up in a famous escalation here in Colombia, La Catedral, perhaps that name sounds familiar to some since it is where the infamous drug trafficker Pablo Escobar was imprisoned 20 years ago. Today it is a care center for the elderly with a beautifully landscaped road of approximately 6 km at 11% on average.


I managed to make a PR by going down 30 seconds, which I had not been able to improve since 2020 even in my best peaks of form. This time I improved it and I’m only in the base period.

I want to be honest and I don’t want to create false expectations about Coach Jack. As I have said before, this is not achieved only by training on the bike, I made many changes that I will list:

  1. Switch to Coach Jack
  2. I changed my training schedule, before I trained when I got home from the office, now I train first thing in the morning before leaving for work.
  3. When training first thing in the morning, I now do it on an empty stomach (fasting). I think this point is one of the ones that has made me improve the most because of the positive physiological adaptations it has, one of them being energy efficiency. I also do the long weekend workouts on an empty stomach eating properly during the training. This is a long topic and I would give for a full post about it.
  4. Strengthening and Core properly.
  5. Improved sleep hygiene and relaxation.
  6. Food and hydration more aware. Adequate sports supplementation.

Also for this to be effective you must be consistent, you must have fun on the bike both indoors and outdoors.

Training is a complicated and very individual issue, what works for some may not work for others and each person, based on trial and error, will have to prove what is best, but there is something that is certain and that is that there are some methods that may be more optimal than others.

I hope that this text has been of some use to those who are training and if they have any concerns about it or expand on any topic I can give my opinion.



I don’t even know how to respond to this. I keep deleting what I want to say. As you know I it must be the life changes causing the gains but boy is this setting you up for a killer season. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the story.

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will tell you what happens, my sensations and development throughout this season. So you will also have a real life coach jack test. :wink:

This is great to hear. I am only 4 weeks into my plan and I had a week off because of Covid, but I am already feeling that this training plan is more sustainable than other ones I have done in the past. When using the other platforms, I dreaded starting a plan because it felt like all we did was intervals at threshold and anaerobic levels. I am really impressed that this has been so effective for you. Out of interest, what was your FTP prior to starting the plan?

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Love this. My age, personal situation, training background and event goal is almost exactly the same as yours. I’m not as far down the road as you but it’s brilliant to read you’re having this experience.

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Great write up. Very impressive!

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I felt exactly the same as you, all the intervals were in Sweet spot and although there is evidence that with this method you can improved, it is not sustainable over time for most people. psychologically it is very demanding and in my particular case I tortured myself all day thinking about that training, to the point of becoming lazy.

When I returned to training in November, after a 1-month vacation with a relaxed diet and 4 kilos more weight, the initial FTP was 3.3 W/kg, fifteen days later it rise to 3.64 W/Kg, at the end of November 3 .9 W/kg, currently 4.1 W/kg.

As time increases relatively quickly, but this is due to first losing 4 kg more, and above all, by training seasons in previous years, the body and muscles have memory and accumulate gains.

It may take a person who is just starting their first season in life with 3.3 W/k a whole year just to get up to 3.5 W/k.

Well done. Your progress sounds great. I have definitely felt improvement over the last few weeks with trainerday. The only thing I don’t like is the long rides (1h30+) on the trainer. These seem to hurt my butt more than anything. I have done multiple 8h rides and the pain is about the same🤣

Hi Dale thanks. I suggest you read the other thread here about breaking up your indoor rides (unless you did)

Coach Jack and long rides indoors

I actually did but I have a terrible habit of fighting through the pain just to complete it so that it’s over and done with. Thanks for the great product though!

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Tomorrow I finish the CJ base cycle and today, a few hours ago, I did a new FTP test.

What a surprise, an increase that left me very happy, even more so when I didn’t have to kill myself in training. The best FTP I’ve ever had, even when using other much more demanding Apps.

I even have better FTP although I’m nowhere near what I used to be on the PCM charts before, so there’s a lot more room for improvement. I emphasize that in addition to training there are many things involved in improvement. I show data to those who like it:



I think you are cheating :slight_smile: Meaning improving your W’ while doing base training? This is a dream story for CJ. Once I coached a guy that was 75 and won his state championship for his age group. I told Andrea this and he said sounds like you got lucky and got a good student. So it’s not about the coach, it’s mostly about the student. Sounds like you have great genetics. I would love to hear what your VO2Max is. But fingers crossed, sounds like it could be an amazing year for you.

I hope you are going to do an Italian plan or at least include an SFR in your build period.

haha I only cheat laziness with discipline and effort. :rofl:

The truth is I don’t think I have great genetics, I think the only thing I have is dedication, discipline and perseverance, I think there are people luckier than me who without training can even beat me, I have friends who with a week of training are almost there at same level. :sweat_smile:

I don’t know if the data is reliable since it is a calculation and I think the data is much better when it is measured with a mask, but it is what I have.


This is the Stimated VO2max from GC

very similar values

Of course yes, I have Build cycle of Italian :muscle:

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Well done. Keep up the good work!

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I think that’s precisely what the Build phase is all about, working more on the treshold. The VO2Max part is worked more in the peak phase, although it can be done in any phase but in much less volume. In fact there is one day of HIIT (anaerobic) in the base phase of CJ, but in the peak phase there are two days of VO2Max. However, perhaps @Alex will shed more light on this.

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Maybe I can bore many people by telling all my progress, but I think it can be useful to someone or maybe I just want to show off :joy: :joy:hahah.

But I’m going to do it anyway.

Yesterday outing with a strong group, 80 km, 1,700mt of difference in altitude. MTB in difficult conditions, rain, mud, very inclined terrain (parts of 21%) of rocks, the truth is I thought that my potentiometer was bad because I saw numbers that I did not think I could sustain and I felt very good.

When I got home, many PRs and the best garmin detected 4 W/k in the best 20 min. It was hard to do a 4 W/k FTP now I do it relatively well in a 6 hour ride.


So I remain convinced that we are on the right track.


Great write up. Thanks :smiley:

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