New Version HERE FINALLY (1.6.11 on production Wed Dec 16th)

It has the previous working verison of power match. We needed to get something so Play store would approve the app and did not want to deploy new version to production yet. This should will include everything in 1.6.4 and 1.6.6 as well as these new items

Basic Ride details/Summary on the history tab (view the chart)
Dark mode on history tab
New location services popup to make it clearer if it is off or on first install

I will create new build for beta testers right away called 1.7.0 with the new power match.

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1.7.0 update now ready

Yes, iOS is going fine. Google/Play store are screwed.

Ok just tried submitting a new video to google showing them what they wanted regarding changes works like they expect… They have some new some new rules about regarding explaining to users why we need location services. I am sure it makes them look bad with all these apps that need bluetooth need to request location services so they want to make it clear. I wanted to do this anyway just not in a rush.

Hi Alex,

Is possible to share the apk file, that way we could go installing and using the new version, while google doesn’t solve the problem. so we got things going

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Google needs to know where our trainers are ?
Oh well I guess.

I think google wants to know why the application needs our location, and that has to be justified for them to approve the application, I think this is the problem

Actually they just want us to tell users why, they are not asking why. Yes we can do APK file if they don’t approve soon and someone wants it

Still not available here. I would be pleased with an apk.

I agree that the best way is share the apk

Ok I asked my developer to get APK. I will post it here as soon as I get it. I could call him Grigory since that is his name :slight_smile: And the web site developer is Andrey.

Guys so looks like I missed the cut off window as Grigory went on vacation and to get married. I sent Google an email hopefully they will do something soon. Grigory will work a bit on vacation so maybe he will get the APK for me next week. I need to send google more emails

Hi Alex just updated now. 1.6.11

I am so confused!!! They did something!!! Finally. I don’t know what though :slight_smile: This should be a good version but this version has the original power match. We have a new power match and other small improvements. Now I submitted a new version. Maybe it will go through normal approval process now.

Mine updated to 1.7.3

Updating to the new updated now for Android 1.7.3

Finally an UNBROKEN deployment process!!! Let me know how this new power match is

Cooling down na. PERFECT!
Offset after the trainer has warmed up was now 1-3 watts. Thanks alex

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New PowerMatch does the job, altough 2 remarks:

  • It seems a bit slower than the first version, might be subjectif
  • What’s with the number between brackets? It used to be Target + PowerMatch correction and it seems logical to send that to the trainer as target. But now, in my case, it is somewhere between 0-5w off from that calculation. I don’t understand…
    Power Smoothing and Cadence from PowerMeter are working correctly.
    Timer still looses a couple seconds when you do something else on the phone. The timer doesn’t stop during the entire “out off focus” time, but probably while switching apps. I went to another app for 15sec and lost 3sec on the TrainerDay app compared to my bike computer’s timer.

Thanks for the feedback. I think power lag should be similar but now if it sees something that looks like an error state it ignores it so it might be slower during this ignoring phase. I will need to double check with developer though and see what he thinks.

Yes, it should be the same number Target + power match. We will test this more if that is not what it is showing. I need stronger glasses :slight_smile:

Interesting test on the background loosing seconds. I think we all just eye balled it and it looked like it was working but did not compare actual time.