No power in erg setting ( qubo digital smart trainer does not have FTMS)

I am using elite qubo digital smart trainer and I don’t get a power read out (says 0 avg watts at end) and no automatic adjustments in erg setting. The smart trainer is recognized and says it is connected.

Any suggestions? I have tried in other apps and the smart trainer itself is working fine.

Hello runlikeagirl, nice username :slight_smile: I am looking here it looks like your trainer supports Ant+ but not BLE and not BLE FTMS. We don’t support Ant+ yet but are working on it now so hopefully in the next 90 days. Sorry I don’t have better news. The only other option is to buy an Ant+ to FTMS converter called “CABLE” for around $50 (a bit more in Europe).

Thanks so much for clarifying! I knew it had ant+ and bluetooth smart transmission but didn’t realise it wasn’t compatible with BLE / BLE FTMS systems. Makes much more sense now.

I’ll keep an eye on the development of ant+ support! The app looks great otherwise!