No power in erg setting ( qubo digital smart trainer does not have FTMS)

I am using elite qubo digital smart trainer and I don’t get a power read out (says 0 avg watts at end) and no automatic adjustments in erg setting. The smart trainer is recognized and says it is connected.

Any suggestions? I have tried in other apps and the smart trainer itself is working fine.

Hello runlikeagirl, nice username :slight_smile: I am looking here it looks like your trainer supports Ant+ but not BLE and not BLE FTMS. We don’t support Ant+ yet but are working on it now so hopefully in the next 90 days. Sorry I don’t have better news. The only other option is to buy an Ant+ to FTMS converter called “CABLE” for around $50 (a bit more in Europe).

Thanks so much for clarifying! I knew it had ant+ and bluetooth smart transmission but didn’t realise it wasn’t compatible with BLE / BLE FTMS systems. Makes much more sense now.

I’ll keep an eye on the development of ant+ support! The app looks great otherwise!

Any update on the Ant+ development? I realise it hasn’t been 90 days yet but just checking :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, the problem is this is not in our technology knowledge. We had a volunteer helping create a library to connect our technology to the Ant+ library but he is not seeming to move forward any more. I am going to try to look for someone that can create us this library. Sorry I don’t have better news. I am really hoping it can be before this winter. It’s one of the biggest and most important things on our list to get done.

Thanks so much for getting back to me. I really appreciate it. I don’t do so much indoor cycling over the summer so will keep an eye out for this in the winter or invest in the CABLE converter as previously mentioned.