Please add cadence targets (COMPLETED)

My plan is on red Watts is only for non-smart trainers, or possibly for Free-Ride mode. I personally ride my spin bike and just use the app for tracking so for tracking only I am not using the target watts so I am not sure yet how to handle all of this yet. Just added it to the screenshot have not given enough thought to how it would work yet :slight_smile:

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Hi there.
Apologies if this has been answered before or would be abundantly clear if I used the app more than once.
I tried the app for the first time a couple of days ago with one of the free sample workouts, but it didn’t have a target rpm.

I then emailed support with the question but didn’t hear back.

Can TD track target RPM and are there sample target Watts @ target RPM intervals type workouts in the 20 Sample Workout Library that I can try out?

Similar to Zwift workouts, for target RPM telling me what the target is… Next to my current RPM, similar to what TD already does for Watts.


It’s a request high on the priority list but it’s not ready yet.

So sorry Kafka, I saw your email and completely forgot about it. Normally I try to answer quickly. Yes, this should be available in the next month or two.

Thanks for your responses.
I thought that I was somehow missing how to do it on the app.

It’s a useful feature when doing Sweet Spot Interval workouts and the like that call for holding a steady target RPM with an usually bearable but robust target wattage during work intervals.

Looking forward to being able to test the feature when ready, or Beta Testing it prior to that.


Yes I just moved this topic under the previous request for target cadence. It says 8-people have voted for it but a lot of people have asked me for it over the years (previously for our web site/web app which we have it there)

See above if that red indicator is enough for you or if you need to see the actual target numbers.

I think that being able to see my current RPM and the target RPM side by side is important.
with the mock layout posted on Feb. 15th only showing in red that I am off on Cadence, as a noob-trainer cyclist, I wouldn’t know whether I am over or under, or off by how much.
For me to answer the question, do I need to pedal faster or slower and by how much?

Your post from Feb. 14th has a mock layout that is better. It shows target (RPM) and (current) RPM on the same tile. By the way, the current RPM reading could be shown in red (Off from Cadence target) when off by some configurable percentage from the target RPM. 5% as a default would work.

Zwift makes the mistake of considering +/- 5 RPM from target RPM as being off, but 5 Rpm off 110RPM is half the percentage difference of 5 RPM off 55 RPM.


The question is if you’re doing workouts that contain both Low and High rpm. Normally I’d say no… A cadence workout adresses low rpm - high torque for muscular endurance with rest at normal cadence. Or it adresses technique with high rpm (spin) - low torque, again with rest at normal cadence.
This basically means that, within a workout, you only have one specific target rpm and the rest is normal cadence. And a color indicating that you are off is sufficient in this case.
But you may have other use cases offcourse.
I fail to see the usefullness of numerous different cadence targets unless you’re doing a gradual rpm increase which may be done by track cyclists.

I sent this to my designer because I kind of realized this problem. Meaning what happens when people create public workouts and have a target and in the app it is just red and you don’t know what to do or you have a workout you created and you just forget. Like I said I sent this to my designer but it could be something like this. So it only shows target if it is red.


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Yeah, this works. For the target RPM range shown, it could be based on the +/- 5% or some configurable percentage from the target RPM.

For the target Power, I noticed today that if I tap on it, it tells me a percentage.
If that is the percentage from target, maybe tapping on RPM toggles between RPM and target values or percentages?
But I admit that this latter thing is a nice to have, with the widget as described so far, it would be great already.

TD is minimalistic on details for a completed workout, but I have been looking for a platform that can show the following for workout once completed (graph and text summary), for the total workout and per distinct interval.
I think that with TD knowing what the workout intervals and targets where, it’s in a position to come up with this data in a text summary or with some visual aid.

avg cadence for entire workout: nnn RPM
avg power for entire workout: nnn W
avg Heart Rate for entire workout: nnn RPM

interval 1:
avg Heart Rate for interval: nnn BPM
avg Power for interval: nnn W
target Power for interval: nnn W
avg Cadence for interval: nnn RPM
target Cadence for interval: nnn RPM

interval 2:
avg Heart Rate for interval: nnn BPM
avg Power for interval: nnn W
target Power for interval: nnn W
avg Cadence for interval: nnn RPM
target Cadence for interval: nnn RPM

interval n:
avg Heart Rate for interval: nnn BPM
avg Power for interval: nnn W
target Power for interval: nnn W
avg Cadence for interval: nnn RPM
target Cadence for interval: nnn RPM

What do you think?

RPM Range is something the user specifies in our editor here

You should remove this second part from this and create a seperate feature request. I will respond to that there :slight_smile:

Showing target this way is great, showing average watt of the interval next to watt target would be very useful also.

The problem is next watt interval is a permanent number and I don’t really want to add a permanent number to the screen although I am aware from many people seeing next target would be very nice. This one above would only show up in rare cases (actually has a target cadence and you are not on target is when it would show). I am open to ideas.

I think he wants Avg watt for the current interval next to target watt, not for next interval.


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Apologies for the cross-posting on my part:

Some workouts specify 2 target RPMs for a single interval, so that together with target Power, it makes a “working” and a “rest” or “recovery interval.”

Example: 40/20’s (numbers totally made up)

Warm Up
10 mins @ ramp up power starting at 25% of FTP and gradually increasing to 50%, free (no) RPM target.

Work/Rest repeat intervals.
5 reps of:
40 secs at 150% FTP @ 85 RPM target
20 secs at 50% FTP @ 100 RPM target.

Cool down
10 mins of ramp down power starting at 50% FTP and down to 35% FTP @ 85 RPM

Might be for another Feature Request, but are Ramp Ups and Ramp Downs of power supported over a single interval?

Likewise for the work/rest intervals, what I’ve seen seems to build them as standalone intervals, for both ramp ups/downs and work/rest intervals. Might help keep things simple?

This is exactly how our editor works now (with zwo files), and this is exactly how the app will work.

Meaning the editor supports

  1. Ramps up and down with or without rpm targets
  2. RPM targets for each interval (or in your terms 1/2 interval) in this case maybe the term segment is better, so 2 segments make up an interval and each segment can have a seperate RPM target.

And the app will support this too.

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when will an update for the cadence target appear?

It’s done and ready to go but had a lot of other changes that caused other bugs. Hopefully beta version tomorrow and production version early next week. Going much slower than we expected.