Please add cadence targets (COMPLETED)

Sorry these bugs in our DEVELOPMENT VERSION are killing us. We are getting closer but looks like it’s more likely to be in beta early next week.

Ok, finally we are hopefully down to the last 2 small bugs and we will release beta tomorrow. I feel like a broken record.

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I finally used the app for a serious workout ride last Sunday after a multimonth hiatus and got to see the fix for the timeline issue, and that for some work intervals the app now nudges me to stay within the intended cadence as described in this thread.

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I know I’m late to the cadence target party but today was the first time I’ve tried them and I have some comments regarding these targets:

  1. When I set the target to a fixed value, the app creates a range. That’s fine for me.
  2. When I set a range (e.g. 100 - 120), the app creates an additional range (eg. 98 - 122). I think this additional range is not necessary, when I’ve already set a range.
  3. When the last interval of the workout has a cadence target and the app goes into auto extension, the extension keeps the cadence target of the last interval. I think, that auto extension should never have any cadence targets.

Oh interesting on #2 yes that is a design bug. #3 makes sense to me. I guess that is personal option but I consider you the auto extend expert :slight_smile: we will do this.

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Thanks for fixing #2 and #3 with version 2.4.7. Now it’s working as expected. Or at least as I expect it :smiley:

Interesting #2 does not say it is done in our tracking tool :slight_smile: You are welcome assuming it is actually done :slight_smile: