Please create desktop all mac/pc

For me, there are two main reasons why I would favor a desktop app, and they could possibly be addressed from within the mobile version:

  1. Keyboard shortcuts (it’s difficult to operate a touchscreen with sweaty hands): Is it possible to establish these within the iOS app (via a bluetooth keyboard)?
  2. More viewable data: I’d like to be able to view lap data (current lap power, HR, and cadence) and workout totals (ave power, HR, and KJs). Within the mobile app, this could be shown on secondary page(s) for the upper portion of the app that the user could swipe (or page up/down) through.

Same for me, i would love to see a desktop version. If it would be a “copy” of the android it would be fine already.


  • data is better visible, since i dont have a phone-mount on my handlebars or something
  • easier to read since my glasses fall of because of all the sweat and the head position

This, plus I’d like to be able to connect using ANT+, which I find much more stable than my bluetooth. Would sign up for the beta and be happy to do some UAT

Intresting project. Fully web based training app…

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Interesting. Actually when we first started our app we started with this approach as well. We found too many problems so we gave up but this web BLE seems to be improving (we use this for testing some device problems) even though this technology is still in beta from google and progressing slowly but thanks for sending this we will test it out and maybe it might be worth asking them if they are interested in integration with us to provide a Windows solution.

You know what is really funny. Is I just happened to notice the guy that created this was a guy I happened to be chatting with on a Facebook group. He told me he had an open source project.

Hi Alex, and Hi everyone,
I am the creator and maintainer of the Flux project on gihub. I started it as something to use along side Zwift, instead of the default workout mode. And one of my goals is to build an open-source app for indoor cycling and structured training that can exist entirely inside the browser. Technology wise that meant using the latest web technologies that are coming from the google chrome team, and implementing a lot of cycling protocols and standards from scratch specifically for the browser. I found that exciting and just kept going.

Most recently I’ve used the web-serial API, that came out of beta this February to build a POC around the possibility of using ANT+ to control a smart trainer from a browser, and currently I am in the process of building a proper library for ANT+ on the web. I got it running on Ubuntu linux and Mac, Windows is a tough nut to crack, but it might be possible.

On the other hand as mentioned bluetooth has been in the browser for some time but it was lacking libraries for cycling trainer control, so I had to build one. Thus my other goal is to build a set of open-source tools for open-source indoor cycling apps.

Flux and TrainerDay overlap each other, but also have chosen different technological paths with different limitations and possibilities.

Hello again Dimitar :slight_smile: nice to see you here. As I sent you a direct message in FB, but I could do that here as well. I think this is a cool solution. I did not hear about this possibility for Ant+ that is really interesting. Obviously the biggest need would be Windows but I think Windows BLE would be good for most but Windows Ant+ would really help a lot of people. I believe you it could be hard. Let me know how we can help.

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Hi to you all!!! Is there any chance we can see and use TD in desktop version??? Windows for example

I will merge this with previous request for a Windows version and I will also answer. Right now you can install the iPad version on an M1 Mac. Not that that helps you…

Secondly it takes a lot of testers to support more versions of the app and we are small but growing very fast. I really want an older Mac and Windows version. I just have to wait as we can’t sacrifice quality and don’t want to increase the price to get it. Tell all your friends about us. If we keep growing this summer we hope to be able to do it for next winter.

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Thank you very much for your respond!! Keep up the good work

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Dear Alex,

Are you planning Trainer day application for windows system ?

Best Regards,


Hello Piotr, we have a feature request here with the response to that. Yes I really want to but…

Dear Alex,
Thank you for your response.

Best regards,

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Hello! Is there any hope for a windows/pc app in the near future?


Hi Viktor, sorry, I wish I had better news but not this year/winter. When we get bigger we will do this for sure. We are growing quickly but still too small.

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As a workaround, I use the free open source utility “scrcpy” to mirror my Android screen onto my computer. That way I can control my Android device via my pc.

Well, I use a virtual machine on PC :wink:
It needs only a compatible Bluetooth device to connect to trainer.

Plus it can run other apps too that do not have Windows native client.

For example, I have a Tacx Flux 2 and Wahoo Tickr HR monitor, both BT / ANT+ capable. As I do not have any USB stick with Bluetooth on my gaming PC, but I have a USB mini dongle with ANT+ that works with Windows, I am able to find and connect to my gear in the virtual machine trough this device :upside_down_face:

Wow this is cool. I never thought about this idea. Please let us know how it works. Maybe I need to create a tutorial how to set this up. Thanks for sharing.

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I ran andoid x86 in VirtualBox several years ago but I remember there was some setup. I wonder if the app will run in genymotion which looks to be more lightweight.