Pre-load next workout from active plan

I’d like to mark workouts from the current active plan as done (like in a check-list) and the next not-marked workout to appear automatically on the trainer-tab in the app.
Today I had to scroll down, down, down to day 16 of my plan, scrolled past it, scrolled back, found it and finally (I know that we’re talking only about a few seconds ;-)) I could start my workout. And that’s only a 6 week-plan.

For those of us coming from trainerroad, you sort of expect things like this. This is actually a really great feature… when it’s 5:30am and you’ve rolled out of bed onto the trainer the last thing you want is to have to fiddle with your app. I keep choosing the wrong day by accident also.

I’m done by that time - why do you get up so late?


Yes we have another feature request for this one. I was thinking of automatically marking as done, but you right, if someone does some of their workouts in our app and some outside or zwift or else where it would be better to offer the ability to mark it off. Good point.

Yes I know, it’s funny when something is similar even if it is 4$/month instead of 20$/month we still want all the features of a 20$/month app :slight_smile: at least the ones we care about. I am very aware of this human nature flaw… I am the same trust me…

Well, this is a feature from the “old” TR before they forced you to use a calendar. So it’s a feature from the 7,99 $ time :slight_smile:

Actually this is super easy to do so happy to include it. TR adding their calendar, was something that frustrated me :slight_smile: