Question CJ-Plan

Hello, In January I started a new CJ PLan. I had only to answer some Questions. But there was no lookup for my Strava account asked by CJ.
I do the Plan for some weeks now. Its very easy and if I look at my TriScore Graph I am not sure I make something wrong with the plan.

Some recommendations ?

If it’s a base it looks normal. I have the same thing.

Hello Conti, thanks for your answer.
It´s a polarized Plan 1 time a week VO2max, 3 times Z2/Z3

Polarized plans are low TSS. It’s expected to go down like this. Fitness is a terrible name for CTL because Seiler proved low TSS can beat high TSS meaning this whole model is partially wrong. If you want to maximize you CTL you should be following a different plan. Something closer to TrainerRoad plans but this is not or recommendation

Hello Alex,
thanks for your answer.

I was not sure I make something wrong or not because the TriScore and the recommendations from GarminConnect lets me think this training intensity is too low.

So I will stay with this plan without tuning it to higher intensity.

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