Segments with different color (Target range indictor for non-ERG mode)

I’m asking if will be posssible to appy differents colors depending about the FTP% zones, while we are training with watts. Could be perfect a different colour for every watt zone in a segments training.

I am not 100% sure what you mean. You just mean zone colors like this?


I assume you mean the standard coggan zones? What I don’t understand is what does “training with watts” mean? Or do you just mean not HR?

I don’t personally like these colored zones but I know at least one other person requested this. If enough people wanted it I guess it could be a setting or maybe there is another way to accomplish this, like showing a color some place else on the screen?

Sorry for my english, I’m from Spain. Thanks for yor answer. Yes I want to say Power zones (Coggan zones). I understan that’s really difficult adapt the graphic line evolution (Power for exemple) with a different colour of zone target, but may be a different tonality for any workout segment… with the purpose to have a intuitive vision about the change of segment… It was just an idea.
Another idea, could be put a field on training app just like the garmin field with a target objective, something like this

As you can see, in green the target zone, for me this it’s more easy to keep in the target range.
I’m very happy for your answer. It has been a surprise. Thanks a lot for your Job. I try rouvy, bkool, etc even Golden Cheetah… to train with workouts, but I’m very happy to find your web. It’s just what I needed. Simple and clear, easy. I create my workouts or planning or simple get one of the ones already done, and then I export to my garmin edge 830.
And I’ve got to say again, that is just what I needed.

Thanks a lot again

Ok you are welcome for our site. So you are saying colors in our training app (or field in Garmin) I assume you are not using ERG mode. If so now I understand.

So are you saying something like this?

I actually like this idea as soon as someone switches off ERG mode (or it is disabled like in this example) we could show this. This would be good for dumb trainers, rollers, or spin bikes for example. I am thinking maybe it should not be turned on for slope mode with slope targets for example. Need to think about that.

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Yes, exactly. That’s what I meant. I have an elite direct xr trainer, and I usually use it in resistance mode, with erg mode disabled. Since when you do intervals with a very large difference in watts, the erg mode makes very abrupt changes and is very difficult to control.
I use the / 3s power target. It would be a great option to have it in the app and be able to use it on a larger screen than the garmin edge 830.
Thank you very much again

Oh I love it!!! Smart trainer in resistance mode. I have Neo but mostly use my spin bike (it’s inside Neo is outside) and I realize I like resistance mode a lot (the only mode the spin bike has). So I would like this feature too, but I am not serious about training so I can use it the way it is, but I fully see why you want it. Also very short duration (< 10seconds) does not work very well in ERG either.

Ok yes I will plan on adding this. I like it :slight_smile:

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I’ve been using for a long time a classic trainer, and I had the chance to prove a direct transmission (smart trainer) trainer… And I give the chance… More stability… powermeter integrated with elite direto xr… And I don’t need to play or train like a videogame. I put my headphones… my music… And a workout… when the weather is not good to go out… And that’s all I need. And then I found your web and all the info… all the workouts… and now the trainer Jack… That’s amazing
Thanks Alex! And I’m pleased to meet you!

Best regards from Mallorca! :upside_down_face: